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To the Editor:
Politics are scary. Usually when a person thinks of a politician, they think of a powerful, wealthy man in a suit who is prone to lies and deceit to increase voting numbers. Rare is a time when you encounter a politician who genuinely cares for the people and the best interest of the community over politics and power. I believe we have found that in Charlie Daniels. Charlie Daniels is a man of the Ohio Valley and FOR the Ohio Valley. Native to Belmont County, Charlie Daniels is a military veteran born from a working class family, filled with a long history of coal miners. He understands the importance of the Middle Class, and in this area, we need a representative who does. We live in hard times. Jobs are being threatened, money is being taken from Education and our taxes are being raised. We need a representative who works to bring new industries and well-paying jobs to this area. Charlie Daniels understands the issues we deal with every single day. Charlie Daniels is an amazing representative to voice our best interests in Columbus.

Amanda Lancione
Early Childhood Education Major
Ohio University Eastern Campus


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