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To the Editor:
Discrimination is personal investment in outcome - otherwise, there is no need to interfere.

When the US presses practice discrimination, the Constitution - is but blasphemous ink.

We are leaderless at this hour - without equal representation, as we have, but large groups of discriminatory behavior, without leaders, because those in pretentious positions, fear mockery.

A leader: Stands for more than one’s self; sees beyond one’s life and lifetime, and possesses wisdom to discern the following words in the universal mind:

Fear: “I may not exist in this world.’

Mockery: “I may not be allowed to love what I want to love.”

Hope: “I have not the power to do this alone”

In representation, there is but selective petty groups, representing the group’s ideas; peddled and solicited solely amongst themselves. They seek their values only.

There is no representation of states or citizens. There is but representation of party and its belief, whose belief “to lead’ is to be belittle opposition.

This is discrimination.

Belittlement: “I am afraid to grow.”


In religion, you esteem a Middle East history, while you send your children to kill this history’s ancestors.

In Middle East history, you have no other knowledge of the earth. (Remember, the world was perceived “flat.”)

Because of this history, you believe you are better, or are “right”.

To be better than: “The need to belittle, to retain a small inner state, that one can feel large.”

When we reach a state of equality, we do not criticize. We accept difference of belief. (This acceptance, however, does not accept injury to others.)

Further, this religion esteems hypocrisy: It contains opposite ideology, in phrases such as “turn the other cheek,” and “beat and trample my enemy.”

It is little wonder, how many different branches of the same religion, choose these different parts to promote.

What path do you want the world to be? Your act makes it so.

You believe you possess knowledge of God? Look at the sky. Do you know everything in the universe? Then you do not know God.


Oh, we like the sound of the words: American. Human. Soul. Liberty. Rights. Justice. Equality. But when have you ever truly practiced them?

The fallacy of discrimination practiced, amid ink written.

Once, I compared the Biblical quote, “when thee fast, anoint thy head with oil, so that others do not know thee fasting, and do not be like the hypocrites, who wail in the street. Your father seeks thee in secret ...” with the need to wear crucifixes, “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets, and the use of the words Christian, my church, and my pastor, as a display to others (which is both arrogant, and can be perceived as a threat, as the history of religion, has been used by governments as a weapon; Thus why there is separation of church and state.)

I was met with instant venom: “That’s blasphemy!”
Really? Is it not the same analogy?

Arrogant: To use mockery, as a weapon, to feel better than.

Philosophy: A tool of questions to raise the human race from a lower level, to a higher one, in a effort to promote peace and justice.

That people come together to serve others, has no foundation in an adjective, but in the idea of hope.

Unfortunately, adjectives are selected, waved and esteemed and therefore, separate.

When you speak to others, apply what you know, not whom you know. (Honor the writer, if quoting. It is his work.)

When you vote, do not promote separation. Political parties divide and conquer.

Ann Yeager
Harlem Springs


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