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To the Editor:
I want to let all Carroll Electric Co-op members know that during our annual meeting (held Aug. 24 at the county fairgrounds) I introduced a motion to allow proxy voting for selection of co-op trustees by online and or mail in ballot, plus you would still be able to attend the annual meeting and enjoy all the fun it represents to members to vote in person. This action would enable more uniform trustee selection.

Carroll Electric Co-op has over 7,000 eligible voting members, however less than 500 actually vote. The voting could easily be carried out on-line at their web page (www.cepower.coop) or by mail in voting by printing a punch card in the monthly magazine (Country Living). By adding your membership number to the card or on-line webpage, a secure vote could be completed. This method would require minimal cost to the cooperative while enabling an equal representation by voting members.

All public corporations allow the above voting procedures for the selection of board members. This is democracy in action.

People at the meeting Saturday turned down this idea because the board president stated the proposal could be an added expense.

Alan Weir
Carroll Electric Co-op member
Carrollton, OH


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