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To the Editor,
The Carroll County District Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program ‘Novel Destinations’ was a great success again this year!  We had some wonderful presenters and so much fun at our craft programs. Our Civil War program was presented by Kay Gotschall, John Barnett and Martha Jones.  They were so knowledgeable, with uniforms, dresses and props from that era. Shirley Anderson of The McCook House generously donated tickets to the museum and Elaine Painting of the Ashton Foundation donated tickets to the Ashton Museum for this program.  Julie Glasure from Curves really got us going with Zumba!  She is awesome!  What a fun workout!  Curves donated Goody Bags with samples and coupons, including a free week trial at Curves!  Lisa Rosta from Rosta’s Roast did a delicious Coffee Tasting program, teaching us all about the many blends and varieties of coffee.  We had our 3rd annual Photo Contest with a ‘Vacation!’ theme with amazing entries!  A big Thank you to Karen Link for bringing the matting for our Iris Folding masterpieces.  We made Paper Mache bowls, learned to make beautiful bouquets of paper flowers and made a fantastic suit case photo album with help from our wonderful director, Ellen Finnicum.

Of course, a big thank you to the wonderful community for the generous support all summer!  We are so grateful!  Thanks Carroll County and we’ll see you next summer!

Cindy Ray
Carroll County District Library


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