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To the Editor:
We would like to thank all the citizens of the community who have shown an interest in what is going on at our local Carroll Electric Co-op. There was a good turn out at the rally in the Co-op parking lot earlier this summer and some genuine interest in the Co-op district meetings until it was learned the Co-op board and management had stacked the deck by filling the crowd with sympathetic “plants.”

We have made some headway, but there is more work yet to do if any real change and transparency is going to happen at your local Co-op. There still has been no real answer as to why the co-op is outsourcing many of their contractors while not giving local companies a chance to bid.

We urge you to attend the Co-op’s annual meeting Aug. 27 and voice your concerns. We also urge you to vote for new board members.
We’ll see you at the meeting.

Charlie Carter
Carrollton, OH
and Concerned Carroll Electric
Co-op Members Group


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