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To the Editor:
For many past classes of Carrollton High School, it is difficult to have a reunion they feel very good about. Most of the disappointment stems from the lack of attendance or costs involved in having a reunion. It is nearly impossible for one class to make it on their own. There are exceptions of course like the class of 1969 which seems to do well on their own. Ten years ago, for our 35th class reunion, the classes of 1970, 71 and 72 decided to pull together and share their reunion in hopes of having more success than we were having on our own. It was a good reunion, but still we (the committee members) were disappointed at our numbers. We did again for our 40th reunion. This time, numbers didn’t matter. It was the people who showed up who made this a most enjoyable night. Perhaps it is because I am reaching that time in life where you look back at where you’ve been and realize the most enduring things in your life are the people you grew up with (not excluding family) and spent time with in high school.

How great it was talking with friends like David Best and Stan White, whom I haven’t seen in nearly 40 years, or Roy Huffman, who I may have had a few words with in high school, but that didn’t seem to matter this night. It was as though we were all best friends and time was of no consequence.

Age has a way of reminding us time is moving on rather quickly. No more cliques of closed circles of friends. No one cares how you dress, what your stature in life is or how good or bad you look. Rose Newbold Dewitz said it best in her letter last week. Thanks to George Hemming, Tom Rutledge, Susan Logan and Julie Karns who sent us letters and emails of thanks for a most memorable night. In the end it was not one or two people or the committee who makes or breaks a reunion, it is the people who attend who make or break it. I would only change one thing if I could: the answer to the question at every reunion – where are the locals?  Out-of-towners come expecting to see many of their classmates who are living in Carroll County or nearby towns and are disappointed. Yet, they find those who are present make the trip worthwhile. A big thanks to the many who made the trip back this year and may you continue to return in the years to come.

Over the past few years, members from other class years, in addition to our own membership, have inquired about expanding it to include other classes, including the class of 1969 to the classes of 1973 and 74. The class of 1969 was very gracious in declining our invitation citing the success of being on their own at this time. The classes of 1973 and 74 have accepted our invitation and we hope it will be rewarding for them. The only caveat is their next reunion won’t be until 2016, which is the year of our next reunion. However, we all agree maybe the extra time can be of some use to them. Just as we welcome new members, we are losing one of our members to retirement and the Sunshine State. Thank you Diane (Grigsby) Warner of the class of 1970 for all you have done the past years for your fellow classmates. Now that you and Ed will be out-of-towners, we expect to see you at the next reunion!

A reminder to all class members: if you have a change of address, telephone number or email address, contact your committee member and advise them of the change.

Ron Colaprete
Class of 1972
Carrollton, OH


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