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To the Editor:
There are times when silliness can be tolerated or ignored.  But sometimes silliness goes beyond a benign diversion and becomes hostile and dangerous.

Recent letters to the editor have cast some mighty weighty stones regarding President Barack Obama, from his political agenda to his personal history.  Diverse opinions are acceptable and healthy in a democracy:  we were birthed in dissent.  But responsibility for the truth and acceptance of the consequences of our words are also required if we are to remain true to the intentions of our forefathers.

Lies, innuendos, and half-truths are not conducive to any democracy.  To not address them is to endorse them and to endorse them is to perpetuate the hate and fear-mongering that are poisoning our society. It is time for Americans of all political persuasions to stand up against those whose agendas speak to our fears rather than to the truth.

Gail Walker
Carrollton, OH


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