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To the Editor:
The school administration strikes again.  

We had the big vote over the lunch program, deciding what our kids will eat for the next year! Of course it took place in a packed room, but in the absence of our school administrator, and also the assistant administrator, both of whom had “more important prior engagements” than to be at the meeting, doing their jobs.   

The board tried to propose to begin to phase out prepackaged meals, one school at a time, but was stopped in their tracks by none other than Roxanne Mazur and the no. 3 girl in the administrations “dream team”. 

She told them they can’t vote like that, without Palmer Fogler being present with her “recommendation”.

Well when faced with two evenly priced proposals, they choose to pick the out of state provider, over the local, and the deciding vote actually seemed undecided, giggled, then decided.   

Skinner, Frampton, and Lutton voted to keep things “status quo” and remain with the out of state provider, that the kids and parents have been speaking out over.  

Immediately I asked Mrs. Mazur if the contract had a 30 day out like our present contract does, in the event the board had a change of heart, or change of members, and she very frankly told me she didn’t have any idea if the contract had a 30 day out, and they won’t be changing their minds.  

Sometimes............ Well you know what I mean.   

If you’re reading this, understand all the words, and care about kids, please, please, come to the next school board meeting and bring your questions, comments, and concerns.  

Lately I have received a lot of Facebook messages of support, but a few saying I am trying to “run the show” or “showboat” or “make a name for myself.” 

I beg you, and all people with opposing views to mine to also come to these meetings. I don’t claim to know how to operate a school system. I think we all need to come to these meetings, and talk this stuff out together. The board and administration were put in place to put the voice of the people into daily practical action. Bring your voice and come tell them what things are important to you and what’s not.  

Do not complain about what you permit.

Kenneth J Joseph
Chief Paramedic
Emergency Medical Transport, Inc. 


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