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To the Editor:
It is important to make the public aware of Chesapeake Energy’s actions. They are hiring and employing out-of-state contractors who bring with them employees who pay no state or local taxes. When the fact of the matter is we have qualified, able and energetic workers who live in all the communities where the work is being performed. This sort of practice eliminates all our local contractors who hire local workers which in turn keeps our local taxes here in town. When local workers are on these shale gas jobs, there is a sense of pride for the community and area. Not unlike some of these out-of-state companies who come in here and leave a mess wherever they’re working without cleaning it up. Just drive down SR 164 near Bergholz to see the untidiness for yourself.

I hope some of these politicians wake up and see what our state and local communities are missing out on.

Don Lyons
Bergholz, OH


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