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To the Editor:
We would like to thank Brown Local Schools Administration for allowing our four children to continue their education through the open enrollment process at Malvern once we moved outside the school district. We wanted to continue their education at Malvern because we appreciate the small school atmosphere.

The state of Florida realizes the importance of small schools and passed a law in 2003 which limits the size of newly constructed schools for grades K-12 to 900 students, which is less than 70 students in a grade. (Florida Statute 235.2157 Small School Requirement) Their findings stated that “Smaller schools provide benefits of reduced discipline problems and crime, reduced truancy and gang participation, reduced dropout rates, improved teacher and student attitudes, improved student self-perception, student academic achievement equal to or superior to that of students at larger schools, and increased parental involvement. Smaller schools can provide these benefits while not increasing administrative and construction costs.”

Our local reality is this: Malvern’s school is crumbling before our eyes. It has been very good to our kids and our community over the years, but the building needs attention and it is more expensive to fix than rebuild. We average less than 70 students in a grade so we are ideal in size according to Florida’s findings. If we do not pass our levy, our kids will be attending another school and we will be paying a higher tax rate somewhere else.

We voted for Carrollton’s (our home school district) levy when it was on the ballet and were disappointed when it did not pass. Please vote YES to keep our community strong and to help our kids feel like they count to Malvern residents.

Dan & Mona Meenan
Malvern, OH


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