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To the Editor:
The liberal and progressive vision of government has a misunderstanding and applied assumptions such as income redistribution and calls for the rich to give something back. If the true source of income was a gigantic pile of money to be shared equally among Americans and some got there before others and took more than allowed, it would be unfair. Congress should confiscate their ill-gotten gains through the IRS and return them to their rightful owner.

The sane among us recognize that in a free society, income, for the most part, is earned by pleasing one’s fellow man. You mow someone’s yard; you are paid $20 for serving your fellow man. You spend that money for food from the grocer; think of the money as “certificates of performance.” They stand as proof for serving your fellow man. The same can be said for the orthopedic doctor with a large clientele who earns $500,000 per year by serving his fellow man.

Contrast the morality of having to serve one’s fellow man in order to have a claim on what he produces with Congressional handouts. In effect, Congress says, “You don’t have to serve your fellow man in order to have a claim on what he produces. We’ll take what he produces and give it to you. Just vote for me.”

Who should give back? Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs all made their wealth by serving their fellow man by producing products and services to make our life easier. What else do they owe? They’ve already given.

If anyone is obliged to give something back, they are the thieves and recipients of legalized theft, namely people and corporate welfare queens who use Congress to live off of the expense of others. When a nation vilifies the productive and makes mascots of the unproductive, it doesn’t bode well for its future.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH


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