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To the Editor:
I’ve been a resident of Carroll County almost nine years. I moved to Carrollton after I had cancer surgery and to have another surgery. I also wanted to be with my dying father.

Since I moved here, I’ve had some terrible crimes committed against me. I’m a single person. Before I moved to Carrollton, I held a professional profession and was called upon by attorneys to act as a mediator. I went through a few mediations of my own.

I am very concerned and upset about the way the crimes have been handled by officials and police officers of this county. Perhaps if I were a “well to do” citizen, it might make a difference, but I am an average citizen.

I’ve been wrongfully evicted during one of my cancer surgeries and from another residence in which I lived eight years. I was a victim of two other terrible crimes and took months to get one police report filed. I’ve been bullied by employees of the court system and called names.

We, as citizens, have rights to be protected whether we are rich, poor or disabled. Title 42 protects citizens.

I have been a victim of police brutality in another city. I now admit it.
The law is set up to protect citizens. Law enforcement agencies are the government officials that hold these positions. What happened to being able to report a crime and why should victim of these crimes be fearful of stating the truth if they witness a crime?

I pray that our county officials realize what positions they hold and do their jobs according to the oaths they take and not just to be a part of the “good old boys” club and pat each other on the back.

When crimes are committed, they should be written up by police. I feel like a woman crying wolf. Please let your county officials know that citizens have rights and need respect from them. All citizens have rights in a court of law and a right to be treated fairly.

Tina Lewis
Carrollton, OH


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