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To the Editor:
I have read with interest the letter to the editor written by John Meeske concerning Atwood Lodge Properties.  As a Carroll County Commissioner I feel that there are some points in the letter that merit a response.

Mr. Meeske continuously refers to his belief that the MWCD has set the resort up to fail based upon the “five year lease”.  It is important that folks understand that this was not a term or condition of the donation of the property, but is codified in the Ohio Revised Code.  Additionally, he indicates that his group interprets the law in a different manner than our prosecuting attorney, and that we indeed could have gone beyond a five year lease.  Folks need to be clear, the prosecuting attorney is the attorney for the county, and when he provides a legal opinion that is the interpretation that the county must accept.

As a Carroll County Commissioner I feel that MWCD was more than fair in the offer they made the county concerning the Atwood Lodge property.  Not only did they offer the 511 acres with all structures to us at no cost, they granted us the mineral rights with the only stipulations being that we reinvest the proceeds into the Lodge property, and if we were to sell the property we would forfeit future mineral income.  These two stipulations were designed to insure the long term viability of the lodge, and to insure that Carroll County residents were employed at the Lodge in secure positions buttressed by the oil and gas income from the property.

In my opinion MWCD went out of their way to insure a steady income to the Lodge property as long as it remained at the Lodge property.

We would like to thank MWCD for their partnership in this venture, and look forward to a great future for the Atwood Lodge with our new partnerships between Carroll County, KSU TUSC, Carroll County Parks, and the Radius Hospitality Group.

In the next few weeks, Radius Hospitality will be announcing a public informational meeting to present their business plan for the Atwood Lodge Properties. All are welcome to attend. The date and time will be announced soon.

Tom Wheaton
Carroll County Commissioner


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