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To the Editor:
It seems pretty obvious to us common people in Carroll County that things are greatly amiss, not only here, but across this great land we call America.

They say if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the earth, it causes a reaction around the globe. A pretty heavy saying, if it is true. At least twice we’ve seen this happen in our country. I will cite one example. When it freezes in Florida and wipes out the orange crop, we rely on California for oranges in Ohio and the price of oranges increases, which affects our economy.

When catastrophes come upon this nation it does affect each one of us and can result in personal troubles. We realize we can do little about it. Many of us shake our heads, wring our hands say, “What can I do as I am only one person and very human?”

We also realize governmental authority, though doing the best they can, are only human as well. There is only one real solution. We must turn our eyes elsewhere for help.

This year May 3 has been set aside to do just that. All who will may come freely before God Almighty, who is able to help us in a time of need. In the privacy of their own home or gathering together in a public place, they may seek His guidance and help.

May 3 has been designated as National Day of  Prayer with the theme, “One Nation Under God.” This theme has inspired the Carroll County Task Force to promote a program called “Adopt a State.” We are asking all who will, to join us and select one state out of this great nation with a commitment to seek God’s favor on that state for a full year.

There will be a map of America placed on Public Square under a canopy where they can visit May 3 to mark a small cross on the state they choose to pray for.

May God bless you in this endeavor.

Jeri Smethers
Committee member
National Day of Prayer


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