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To the Editor:
Let me preface this letter by saying I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of any activist organization; I am simply a concerned citizen of these United States of America, born and raised for the most part on a 90-acre farm in East Twp., Carroll County, OH.

Together with my daughter, we own some seven acres of that farm in East Twp. and in regard to oil and gas leases for Chesapeake Exploration, LLC, my concern is about water.

I understand that a single “frack” from hydrofracture job can require five million gallons of water. According to a letter I received from Kenyon Energy, LLC together with a copy of a six-page Chesapeake Exploration Lease Agreement in small print (which I read word-for-word to my husband) well sites are a minimum of five acres in size.

I have always referred to Carroll County as “God’s Country” and I shudder to think of what will happen to our little piece of God’s Green Earth when all the fracking takes place on farmland surrounding it. I wonder if there will even be five hundred thousand gallons of water remaining in East Twp., Carroll County, OH.

Ultimately, I think we, as citizens of these beautiful United States of America, will have to decide which we need most, gas and oil or water!

Joyce C. (Norton) Effinger
Canton, OH  


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