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Editor’s note: The following letter was received from Jim Morvatz, a former Carrollton resident now residing in Dade City, FL.
To the Editor:

Take a walk with me down memory lane to see if you can put a face with any of these names:

Ed Archer, Bill Downs, Charlie Fultz, Ernie Sloan, Russel Cole, Henry Cole, Theodore Guess, Bill Bass, Henry Myers, Donald Blythe, Nelson Blosser, Wilbur Bell, Mac McClelland, Morris McCune, Dean Brackin, Wendell Herron, Virgil Tinlin, Paul Long, Joe Seck, Roy Green, Tom Green, Bud Chisnell, Roy Jones, Hartzell Rose, Dwight McKibben, Johnny Rikle, John Hamilton, Dean Yeager, Bill Offenberger, Tom Kaufman, Jim Mitchell, Kenny Widder, Roy Burrier, “Baldy” Maple, Ed Cavitt, Dan Van Pelt, George Pyles, Ralph Maple, Bill Shepherd, Oakie Nichols, Harold Walters, “Shottie” Shotwell, Dick Hornberger, Walter Johnson.

Billy Hill, Eddie Allerton, Bill Nichols, Joe Blazer, Glenn Dowell, Ray George, Dr. T. J. Atchison, Donald “Buck” Yoder, Merle Coe, Wayne Hays, Ort Tinlin, Alan Johnston, Dick Haugh, Leonard Ketchum, Otis Hagey, “Popeye” Kohler, Melvin Tolson, Don Grimes, John Hampton, Raymond Sell, Jonny Wallace, Earl Lowdermilk, “Scat” Scatterday, Herman Favri, Kenny Grunder, Bob Kaufman, Don Haugh, “Fats” Sanderson, Dave Reed, Jim Stertzbach, Glenn Brenneman, Harry Detchon, Bill King, Dick Grove, Gerry Allmon, Hugh Sweeney, Glenn Reed, John Beck, Rusty Bright, Jim Weaver, Archie Huebner, Arnold Twaddle, Ed Long, “Hoppy” Tomlinson, Judd Hall.

Nelson Ray, Web Manfull, Faris Singer, Tony Kapelewski, “Peeny” Sheldon, Paul Garner, Dick Shotwell, Dick Walton, Charles Arbogast, W. R. Bell, Jim Reed, Bert Favri, Bob Herron, Ira Schandel, Brooks Manfull, Charles Dowell, Herman Coffy, Raymond McLaughlin, Bob Lozier, Don Nape, Harold Craig, John Spittle, Tom McAdoo, Cliff Minor, Al Maffett, Homer Beckley, Glenn Bircher, Bob Newell, John Ashton, Carl Roudebush, Penny Newell, “Winky” Winters, “Buck” Baughman, Ed Manfull, Larry Mason, Tom Miller, Emmett Wagner, Tom Cummings, Walter Flenniken and many others.

I imagine that probably 99% of these gentlemen have passed away by this time, but they all had some impact on my life before I moved away in 1994. Thanks guys for all of the memories and the positive influence that you made on a young man who lived in Center Township in the Village of Carrollton, Ohio. I will always remember the time spent in my hometown.

Jim Morvatz
Dade City, FL


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