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To the Editor:
While all of America praises their veterans for their freedom, Ohio government claims only those killed fighting have given enough: those still living must continue to give.

Recently, a group known locally as “Kasich’s Raiders” alias Liquor Control Agency, raided our Vet’s Club claiming they would be taking charge of our club’s operation and charging the club an annual fee for their services. But wait, can this be true? A Vet’s club operating under the thumb of a State Liquor Department? I don’t think so. Being a veteran of their Korean War and being attached to a department of the Adj. General’s Division for the majority of my service, I believe I may have had the experience to render an opinion on the legality of such a takeover, however, I have no interest in legal action.

The lawyers involved can go ahead and play around with this all they want. They also have to make a living. My interest is strictly truth, morality and the dedication to America of those persons involved in raiding our Vet’s Club. I have looked into the truth of search warrant; of all nine references, in my opinion, none offer cause or the right for any state agent to enter onto veteran-owned property and steal their possessions. However, I could be wrong, so I will be in contact with the Liquor Department’s legal representative in Carroll County and request another opinion by the residents of Carroll County. I will be asking this person to have the “9” references referred to in the search warrant listed individually and their meaning printed in full with the sentences or paragraphs giving cause for the action against our Vet’s Club underlined or highlighted.
This information should be in the paper as well. In my opinion, the search warrant which was used to raid our Vet’s Club was fraudulent and the people involved knew it. I believe the aforementioned request for information will clear this right up. This will leave only the question of “open to the public” ads in our local paper. I have a theory about these ads – at this time, one ad is a coincidence, two ads is a conspiracy. I think nearly everyone knows that to be permitted to sell alcohol commercially to the public you must have a liquor permit.
However, the operation of our Vet’s Club for the last 75 years does not require one and will not have one forced upon us. In my opinion, anyone raiding, assaulting, insulting, degrading, causing stress or anxiety of any other undue concern to a veteran is no less than a traitor to their country and being proud of their actions they should send their names and addresses to our club’s president so we can mention them and their deeds during our next Flag Burning Ceremony. I would like to thank those especially who reminded us of Hitler’s storm troopers by bringing guns and pushing into our meeting place and stealing our possessions. What will they do next? Kick in our school house doors and kill our next generation as Hitler’s storm troopers did to keep his enemies from replenishing their military personnel? We had nearly forgotten that part of history; thanks for reminding us. We don’t need a Sandy Hook in Ohio.

Since I am such a nice person, I am not going to sneak up on our state government offices in the dark of night, but I must confess I have been in contact with the Department of Human Resources, a department of the Adj. General’s Division under the command of Brigadier General Jason T. Evans and as a result, I get the feeling the Ohio Department of Liquor Control will not be taking charge of our Vet’s Club in the near future. As of this writing, I have not filed a report of Ohio’s treatment of its veterans or asked for an investigation by the Adj. General’s Division into their rights, but rest assured if it becomes necessary, I will.

Charles Carter
Carrollton, OH


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