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To the Editor:
I’ve always been proud of Carroll County: proud of it and proud to live here.  It has been a great place to live and raise a family.  Most families have been able to provide for themselves and when they had a little extra, would provide a little for someone else in need.  I’ve always thought of us as having big and humble hearts.  We’ve thanked God for what we have and His protection over us.  We care about our neighbors and watch over them.  Some people have struggled and lost or almost lost their farms or homes.  And some entrepreneurs have done very well in this town and provided businesses that have thrived.  We are glad for that.  Most people who are not from around here, have never heard of Carrollton.  We usually describe ourselves as from “about a half hour south of Canton”.

With the recent wealth that has come, and is coming, to landowners, I just wanted to put some thoughts out.  Wouldn’t it be great, if from our heart, we set an example for all to see.  We can change our corner of the world to be the best that it could be.  We can care for our children, the poor, single moms, abused people, the down and out.  That justice would win, that wrongs would be righted.  That kindness would again be seen out in public.  That we would “do unto others” as we would want to be treated.  That we would say “hi” to each other when we pass on the sidewalks or in stores.  Care about our fellow man. 

One idea would be to form a non-profit organization.  Make it tax deductible, and let the board be comprised of people worth 1 million dollars or more.  Let anyone contribute money and offer ideas but the board decide where to spend it.  Here is a list of some things to consider.  I am making it long to stimulate more ideas.

-Build an arcade/skating rink

-Put in a movie theater

-Money to the school for children’s lunches

-Money to the Center for the Arts

-A learning center for housekeeping, gardening, cooking, money management, how to be a mother/father, etc.

-A home for the abused

-Money to nursing homes to be used to add people to the staff, help pay for medicine, etc.

-Take gifts of food to the poor

-A home for the homeless: put them to work in the community and give them a sense of purpose

-Do things for people who do much, but make little money such as the local police, pastors, social workers, teachers, etc.

-Lets do random acts of kindness that can make someone’s day or change their life.  We have the possibility to do that.  And spend money on yourselves.  Buy the things you’ve dreamed of and have fun.  And wouldn’t it be great, if we changed the world we live in, to then go and place our money in another community to do the same.  And if lots of communities decided to follow suit, wouldn’t this be a great world to live in?

Doreen Hudy
Carrollton, OH


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