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To the Editor:
I am an executive board member of the Carrollton Little Warriors Athletic Association Inc. (CLW). Over the past year a lot has been experienced by our board of volunteers from position changes to theft to false statements about our organization and the members themselves. I am writing this letter in hopes of informing our supporters and the public of these events and to help answer or correct any questions of misleading information that may have arisen.

First, for those who are not familiar with the CLW, our organization has been providing sports programs for the youth of our community for over 30 years. We currently provide football, basketball, cheerleading and wrestling. The CLW is operated entirely by volunteers and is non-profit.

As I said above, there has been a lot happening in our organization; some good, but mostly negative. The most important and most negative thing that happened was the theft of money in an amount over $10,000. I cannot comment on this matter as it is being handled by the appropriate officials and we are hoping for swift justice and the return of our capital and property. The CLW offered no wrestling program in the winter of 2010 due to this theft. However, wrestling was operated by a sudden start-up wrestling organization that was often confused with the CLW program.

The CLW, at the time of the theft, was actively pursuing a full non-profit status  501(3) (c ) that would allow us to be available for and pursue grants and large donations. Upon obtaining it, our organization had a goal to eventually provide our programs at no charge so that money would never prohibit any child’s ability or urge to play sports. We also would have been able to look into the possibility of having our own field, gym and grounds that the community would benefit from.  This is still our main priority, but we have been set back quite some time by this unfortunate event.

I have also heard people say the board that is in place now only cares about money, that we don’t care about the kids. I have witnessed this myself, as some comments even included my wife. These allegations really hurt personally. I work full time, am a volunteer fireman, have an infant son and a new wife and spend several hours a week away from my young family to ensure CLW will be around for my children as well as others. My wife also spends countless hours with this. We have given up time with our families and friends to go work the snack shacks or assist in other CLW business to maintain its existence. I can say this for the other members as well. We have sacrificed so much that money couldn’t replace. Everything the five people who are in place have and are working for goes to the kids. The board is young in seniority with the longest serving member having just over one year of service. With these fresh changes and new ideas come a few rough spots that will get worked out. But, everything has been about the kids.

I may not have answered every question or squelched all the rumors with this statement, but I feel I took care of some of the important issues. I can speak on behalf of the CLW board in saying the following: If you have heard rumors or have a problem or concern with anything we do, please bring it to our attention. We are not perfect, but will do our best to answer your questions and address your concerns. If you are helping pass some of these lies and rumors, please quit. You are not just hurting the organization, you are affecting its members personally and even the children involved in the program.

As I said, it’s all about the kids, nothing else. The current staff of the CLW will push on and continue to have the best interest of the children. We are having boys basketball and getting ready for the football and cheerleading season. We are offering early signups at a discounted rate of $30 for one child; $25 for a second and a third or more is free. Regular signups are Aug. 7 and are $50. Early signups are now until August. Signups are at the Villa gym this and next weekend during basketball games, at the CLW headquarters at 84 Public Square (above the dance studio) on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. or by contacting Dave Crim at 330-738-5602 or Frank Romeo at 330-627-3019. If you wish to become a trustee or have concerns, feel free to attend a meeting at the office listed above. We thank all of our supporters and ask for patience during our rebuilding time.

Brian Keyser
Director of Ways and Means
Carrollton Little Warriors Athletic Assoc. Inc.


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