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To the Editor:
I am writing with concerns (as a parent of two special children) of the special children’s OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) testing that is being given this April throughout the state of Ohio.

My concern is that children with disabilities have had accommodations added to their IEP (Individualized Education Plans) to help them with their education struggles but these accommodations are not permitted to be used on the testing. Why? Accommodations such as audio, orally having a test read aloud is permited, but only the questions referring to the story in the reading. It does not make much sense that the questions can be read aloud, but the child must read the story themselves. Testing scores then will show to be low due to the fact they had no clue what the story was referring to. This is only one issue that underlies poor testing scores.

I feel this is a major ongoing concern of many parents throughout the great state of Ohio and I feel the Department of Education needs to seriously take this into consideration when considering the testing scores.

Education and technology is the future of our children and I hope my concern is taken seriously.

Ms. Sherry Lee-Monk
Carrollton, OH


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