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To the Editor:
A message to Republicans:  There is no doubt this is the most important presidential election of our lifetime, but let’s not forget that the battles that truly shape our daily lives are not fought at the national level, but rather at the local and state levels.  We have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the Republican Party of Ohio and in doing so, shape the future of Ohio.

The Ohio GOP has been languishing under the rule of a cadre of corrupt self-interested political elites.  If you have been dissatisfied with the direction of the state party, then you must carefully consider who will best represent the party of Reagan in Columbus.

Our current state central committee member boasts of her close ties to the state chairman, the very tumor strangling our party and undermining the gains we have made.  She is an absentee GOP county chairwoman, too busy with a cushy political job to man the local GOP headquarters, respond to public attacks by her Democrat counterpart, or even follow up with local candidates on election night.  This same RINO recently described the principles on which our party was founded as “Conservative crap” to a room full of Republican women.  We should be embarrassed to re-elect her to the State Central Committee.

Let me offer you, instead, a refreshing, Conservative choice: Leslie Haas for State Central Committee.  Leslie has been an active member of the Washington County Republican Party for many years.  She has managed the county’s GOP headquarters since 2005 while working phone banks, organizing candidates’ media campaigns, fundraisers, and political literature.  Leslie orchestrated the first TEA Party in Washington County and has been the county coordinator for various local and state campaigns.  She is a dedicated mother and wife, community and school volunteer, and a 3-term president of the Republican Women’s Club.  Leslie Haas recognizes that the party of Reagan was founded on Conservative principles that cannot be abandoned if we are to lead the state with integrity.  On March 6th, I invite you to elect Leslie Haas to represent our district in the GOP State Central Committee.

Khadine Ritter
Marietta, Ohio


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