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To the Editor:
Who is overseeing what the airport board is doing?
I stopped by a local watering hole for some dinner the other night and saw a couple guys that I know preparing to go into a private room. Imagine my surprise when I later found out that it was a secret meeting of the airport board being held in a room at a bar. I wonder if this is the only county run group that is still meeting in back rooms with secret agendas that John Q Public has no idea about or is this the type of good old boy activity we operate by in the county?
I strongly support the need for a good well run transportation system in our community and feel that the airport is an essential part of that. Commerce and growth can only happen if the airport is run in a professional way and for the good of all rather than driven in a direction that only benefits the select few. I guess it is difficult to expect residents from another county to work for the betterment of ours. We should have some oversight into what decisions are being made and why.

The two businesses at the airport (Restaurant and Mechanic shop) both bring in revenue to the area and need to be nurtured and expanded. If those businesses fail one wonders if the airport will then be an area for private use by a few select entitled individuals. I for one cherish a summer afternoon meal and the joy of meeting pilots from around the area and their beautiful flying machines.

A. Jones
Carrollton, OH


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