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Dec. 22
Barbara L. Larie
age 45, of Carrollton

Dec. 16
Irene L. George
age 93, of Carrollton

Karen L. Tyson
age 69, of Canton, formerly of Amsterdam

Dec. 12
Everett Jay Harvey, Sr.
age 77, of Germano

Homer Lewis Christen
age 94, of Irondale, OH,

Dec. 9
Elizabeth Mary (Kozora) Dowdell
age 102, of Summitville

Earl Parker Carlton
age 97, of Avon Rd., Carrollton

Dec. 8
Marlene L. Barnhouse
age 78 of Carrollton

Kenneth R. Carver, Jr.
age 47, of Augusta

Robert Lee Strawder
age 84, of Carrollton

Jo Ann L. Gravley (Long)
age 71 of the community of Lake Mohawk, Malvern

Dec. 4
Mary E. Albright,
age 94, of Waynesburg

Dec. 2
Helen Ann Wilks
age 90, of Romeoville, IL, formerly of East Springfield

Ella M. Wilson
age 77, of Southington and formerly Minerva

Winona (German) Schindler
age 102, a resident of Orange City, FL,

M. Eloise Rutledge Roudebush
age 92, of Carrollton

Shirley K. Lucas
age 80, of Marion, formerly of Amsterdam

Dec. 1
Dorothy Mae Hosterman
age 92, of Mesa, AZ

Elaine Gavorcik
age 87, of Carrollton

Nov. 29
Alvin C. Vorndran
age 81, of Carrollton

Ruth Elaine Warrington
age 64, of Carrollton

Ralph O. "Rocky" Maple, Jr.
age 67, of Malvern

Nov. 24
Clara Katherine Toot
age 83 of Sherrodsville

Arnetta Geraldine Beckley
age 96, of Carrollton

Savannah Russell
age 16, of Malvern

Isaac N. Ornouski
age 20, of Carrollton

Rosemary Eileen Hanlin
age 62, of Cadiz

Helen M. Henderson
age 85, of Carrollton

Chad A. Grimes
age 32, of South Carolina

Nov. 21
Mary L. (nee Sarbach) Richards-Blazer
age 94, former longtime resident of Carrollton

Nov. 20
Thelma Garner
age 69, of Bowerston

Nov. 18
Uneta M. Hoey Gartrell
age 74, of Salineville

Gerald Glasser
age 72, of Carrollton

Howard C. Anguish
age 88, of Carrollton

Nov. 17
John F. Farmer
age 87, of Minerva

Dennis A. Ritchie
age 68, of Logan

Mary Alice Campbell
age 72, of Carrollton

James Gordon Tubaugh, Sr.
age 51, of Carrollton

Nov. 14
Frances J. (Shotwell) Johnson
age 87, of Minerva

Nov. 11
William "Bill" Lee Cook
age 65, of Carrollton

Charles J. Nicholas
age 89, of Clinton, IA

Nov. 10
Wilbur Moser
age 88, of Minerva

Roy G. Dowdell Sr.
age 66, of Carrollton

Catherine S. McNutt
age 63, of Carrollton

Mary Jane Huff
age 67, of Waynesburg

Herbert R. Foutz
age 64, of Carrollton

Richard "Rick" Martin
age 65, of Carrollton

Kathleen Reed Snyder
age 91, of Carrollton

Nov. 6
Joseph Petrime
age 75, of Magnolia

James I. Wallace
age 78, of Malvern

Nov. 4
Elmer E. Postlewaite
age 87, of Malvern

Dorothy Vint
age 91, of Amsterdam

Nov. 3
Lynn Dale Wood
age 66, of Mechanicstown

James A. McArthur
age 71, of Port Charlotte, FL, formerly from Carrollton

Oct. 28
Perry Stout
age 77, of Carrollton

Tina (Jordan) Elson
age 52, of Minerva

Oct. 27
Donald J. Metzger
age 85, of Carrollton

John Patric Rice
age 66, of Carrollton

Edna McAbier Fankhauser
age 81, of Bergholz

Oct. 23
James Hollis Kays
age 84, of Harrodsburg, KY.

Oct. 21
Robert G. Burchfield
age 70, of Port Charlotte, FL,

Oct. 16
Margaret E. Hepner
age 88, of Waynesburg

Trevor Alan Grindstaff
age 4, of Carrollton

Glenn D. Gallaher
age 73, of Carrollton

Oct. 14
Cecil Elwood "Woody" Stout
age 68, of Carrollton

Oct. 9
Helen Charlotte Pearch
age 93, of Sherrodsville

Oct. 7
Donna Mae Gartrell
age 89, of Carrollton

Oct. 6
Mary I. Scott
age 89, of Perrysville

Frances Murphy
age 90, of Amsterdam

Raymond G. Linder
age 85, a life resident of Dellroy

Sister John Eudes Duffy
age 91, of Carrollton

George W. Moushey Jr.
age 89, of Malvern

Oct. 2
John William Walker
age 66, of Carrollton

Elizabeth "Betty" Poplin
age 89 of Carrollton

Louise Allen
age 90, of Carrollton

Sept. 30
George H Gravley
age 71, of Malvern

Peggy L. Pore
age 64, of Carrollton

Lori M. Starcher
age 53, of Carrollton

Dorothy I. Hawk
age 71, of Carrollton

Larry Whitacre
age 56, of San Antonio, TX. 

Leota Gotschall
age 98, of St. Cloud, FL, formerly of Carrollton

Sept. 29
M. Elizabeth Miller
age 87, of Carrollton

Dorothy Mae Leatherberry
age 90, of Carrollton

Floyd F. Speelman
age 86, of Minerva

Sept. 23
Frank Bick Jr.
age 85, of Kilgore

Sept. 22
Opal Moore
age 103, of Canton

Mary L. Bonar
age 96, of Carrollton

Helen McCloskey Grady
age 88, of Bucyrus, formerly of Amsterdam

Mona Jean Culp
age 83, of Salineville

Joseph F. Williams
age 68, of Canton

Sept. 18
Cecil E. Stackhouse
age 73 of Carrollton

Freda R. ((Higgins) (Cunningham) Mansfield
age 90, of Canton, formally of Carrollton

Sept. 15
Donna V. Mercer
age 85, of Salem

Rodney William Robson Sr.
age 63, of Amsterdam

Kenneth E. Owens
age 72, of Carrollton

Calvin F. Bright
age 84, of Corpus Christi, TX.

Russell Thomas (Tom) Shaw
age 70 of Carrollton

Sept. 11
Robert W. Wagner
age 57, of Bergholz

Donna V. Mercer
age 85, of Salem,

Sept. 8
Glen E. Benedict
age 76, of Malvern

Emma Jane Edie
age 92, of Bowerston

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