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Free Press adds text alerts to list of digital services

FPS staff report

At one time, the daily news cycle was predictable. You opened a newspaper to read about local happenings, listened to a radio news report while driving, and watched television news broadcasts in the evenings at home.

The advent of 24-hour news channels and the Internet changed the news cycle. News is now reported as it happens on many different platforms.

To maintain the weekly Free Press Standard’s relevance, we are offering a new, free service to our readers. You can opt to have breaking news and sports sent straight to your phone via text message.

It is easy and takes only a minute. For news or sports, simply text “fpsnews” or “fpssports” to 90210, and those items will be sent to your mobile device. It is easy as that. Text rates may apply. Please check with your phone service carrier.

“In the digital age, we have the ability to provide the people of Carroll County news as it happens,” said Carol McIntire, editor of The Free Press Standard. “In the past our readers would have to wait a week or more to read about it in the paper. Now they can get it without much delay. This is just another way of keeping us relevant in the ever-changing world of news, whether it be local or national.”

Ironically, she noted the 20th anniversary of the first text message sent to a mobile phone was Dec. 3. “What a perfect time to roll out this new program to our followers,” she said, adding that first message simply said, “Merry Christmas.”

“Texting has become a part of our every day lives,” she said. “Today six million text messages are sent daily in the United States. We want to be able to provide our readers with the news they want when they want it, whether it be sports or local news and our new system is one more way we are meeting that goal.”

Residents can also find breaking news posted on the FPS website at www.freepressstandard.com

The FPS can also be found on social media, including Facebook, where there are more have more than 2,100 loyal followers and on Twitter at either www.twitter.com/fpstandard for news, or at www.twitter.com/fpsbobevans for sports.

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Free Press adds text alerts to list of digital services