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Events planned Oct. 6,7 at Mooretown

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Mooretown MemorialA Drive-It-Yourself tour, a memorial commemoration and a fall festival are planned at Oct. 6 and 7 at Georges Lake and Mooretown Monument in Bergholz.

The tour will give participants the opportunity to receive a history lesson as well as enjoy the fall foliage.  Tourists will meet Oct. 6 at Marshall’s Restaurant in Bergholz at 8 a.m. for a quick breakfast before the tour. R.W. “Doc” Shilling’s Tales and Stories of Yellow Creek book will be used as a guide. 

The first stop will be The Bergholz Area Museum for maps and brochures outlining the Yellow Creek Road (County Road 53).  Each stop will have a host or a marker. Participants may travel the route at their leisure or take a guided tour with Virginia and Curt Glenn of Bergholz. 

Participants will travel from Mooretown and the Civil War Monument down the creek to Holt, Bethel Cemetery and Tunnel Mill.  A one-hour lunch break will be at noon.  Lunch is by reservation at JC Wine Cellars, Marshall’s Restaurant or on your own. Those on the guided tour will eat at JC Wine Cellars.  Cost is $15 for a meal, including dessert and drink.  Reservations are required by calling the Glenn’s at 740-768-2365 or via email at glenn.owltownfarm@gmail.com.

Other stops include Crew House Museum in Richmond, New Somerset Methodist Church and will conclude at Hollow Rock Campground. 

“East Springfield and the surrounding area played an important part in the development of local history,” stated Virginia Glenn.  “We will share the story of William Pittenger, who was a member of Andrew’s Raiders who traveled across enemy lines to steal a locomotive called ‘The General.’  Pittenger came home from the Civil War and preached his first sermon at New Somerset Methodist Church, the same church family and friends had held a memorial service after believing him lost during the war.”    According to Glenn, Pittenger wrote the book “Daring and Suffering” about the great railroad adventure.  A copy of the book will be auctioned during the Mooretown Commemoration and festival Oct. 7.

Hollow Rock Campground, possibly the oldest historic revival campground, is located at 1958 County Highway 51, Toronto, Ohio 43964, north of Steubenville.  Participants will visit the museum and Tabernacle and hear the history of the historic rock, which resides where the Black Bear Tavern once stood.  The tour will end with the history of the massacre of Indian Chief Logan’s family at the mouth of Yellow Creek.

A Commemoration will be held Oct. 7 at noon at Mooretown Monument outside Bergholz.  The monument was built by Robert and Martha George after their son, Thomas George, was killed at the Battle of Perryville, KY, Oct. 8, 1862.  The monument is in memory of not only Thomas George, but fallen soldiers of Ross Twp., Jefferson County, OH, in the War of 1861 to 65.

The ceremony will include Dr. John Mattox of the Underground Railroad Museum in Flushing.  He will explain the effect the Underground Railroad played in the Civil War. 

Robert “Brass” Beresford, curator of Wellsville Museum will speak about the book “Bully Boys” by Richard Baumgartner written about the 2nd Ohio Voluntary Infantry who mustered in Mitchell’s Salt Works at Tunnel Mill on Yellow Creek.  Brass’s great grandfather and great uncle are shown on the book cover.  A copy of the book will be auctioned off at 2 p.m. 

Ohio State Senator Lou Gentile will also speak during the commemoration.

After the ceremony, a Fall Festival will begin at Happy Lake Resort at George’s Lake, just down the road from Mooretown Monument. 

“It will be a day of sharing fund, food, music and educational information,” said Glenn.    “We invite everyone to come and join us for the afternoon.”

Local politicians, school board members and public service entities will be on hand to answer questions.  Entertainment will be provided by Ossum Possum Band, Rawson Family Bluegrass and Chelsea Matta, a local vocal artist. 

Dale Featheringham will auction off the two books, along with a copy of “Old Fashioned Hayride” by Dave Barnhouse.  Copies of Barnhouse’s pencil sketch of Mooretown Monument will also be available for purchase. Proceeds from the auction will go toward the upkeep of Mooretown Civil War Monument.

Food vendors and crafters will be on site, along with an open microphone session by DJ Rockin’ Rodney.  Parking is at George’s Lake.  Transportation to and from Mooretown Monument will be provided by the Glenn Family and their team of Percheron horses or by hay wagon and tractor ride.

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