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Animal activist group calls for dog pound gas chamber to be shut down

FPS staff report

Carroll County Commissioner Robert Wirkner told fellow commissioners last week the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has requested the gas chamber at the Carroll County Dog Pound be dismantled. 

Laura Gibson, assistant dog warden, is certified to euthanize dogs by injection and this would be an option if the gas chamber is dismantled.  The only issue is whether local veterinarians would supply the dog pound with the necessary chemicals required for injection. Wirkner also touched base with the Stark County Dog Pound about the possibility of transporting any dog needing euthanized to their facility but has not received a reply.  Wirkner explained it would be a simple process to dismantle, according to Dog Warden Ken Ohler.

Wirkner will let SPCA know commissioners are actively exploring the possibility of dismantling the gas chamber.

In other business, commissioners:
-APPROVED a motion to bill the Village of Carrollton $52,931.70 for dispatch services for police and the water and sewer departments only for 2013.  The auditor will bill the village quarterly.  Commissioners reiterated they do not charge fire departments for dispatch services.  Carroll County Sheriff Dale R. Williams told The Free Press Standard, “As long as I am sheriff, I will never charge fire departments or EMS for dispatching services.”

-APPROVED a road use maintenance agreement with Cardinal Gas Services to use two miles of CR 35 (Branch Rd.) and portions of Post Rd. and Profit Rd. for ingress and egress from the Jacksonian Pipeline Extension in Loudon Twp.

-AGREED to adopt a resolution authorizing the filing of a Four Year Capital and Operating Plan with the Ohio Department of Transportation from Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2017.  The plan will be used as a planning document to prepare federal, state, and local funding estimates for capital and operating projects.

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