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Speeding trucks prompt village council to take action

By Carol McIntire

Sherrodsville Council members discussed possible solutions to complaints from residents about the speed at which trucks are traveling in the village.

Mayor Ken Moffat said he received complaints about trucks exceeding the posted speed limits, saying residents are concerned for the safety of children in the village.

“What can we do?” he asked council.

Councilman Bud Newell suggested the village contract with Dellroy to provide patrol in the village limits.

Village Solicitor Jason Jackson quickly put a halt to the suggestion, saying legally Dellroy cannot sign a contract with Sherrodsville.

“You have to have cars marked with the village’s logo and the officers have to be hired by the village,” he said, “so hiring Dellroy is not an option.”

Discussion turned to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

Council Member Janet Pearch suggested residents be instructed to call the Sheriff’s office with their complaints. “We can tell residents to call until he decides to do something about it,” she said.

“You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Fiscal Officer Valerie Gardner chimed in.

When someone mentioned the village had discontinued its contract with the Sheriff’s office several months ago to provide patrol of the village, Gardner confirmed the action. “It was because we ran out of money,” she said, adding the village paid $375 per month for the services of the sheriff’s department.

Council Woman Amy McCormick suggested council contact the New Philadelphia Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol since the roads involved are state highways.

Moffat agreed to draft a letter to the State Patrol asking for officers to patrol state highways in the village between the hours of 6-7 a.m. and 2:30-3:30 p.m., which members said are hours the buses are running.

In other business, council:
-RE-ELECTED Pearch president during the reorganizational meeting. Committees will remain the same as last year. Council is seeking a village resident to serve on the Atwood Regional Water and Sewer District. Anyone interested in the position should contact Mayor Moffat at 740-269-9089.

-APPROVED 2013 appropriations totaling $176,034. Gardner noted the village has some surplus funds this year and suggested council look into completing some projects this year.

-WAS visited by Jill Cline who expressed concern about the address given to the property where Danny Buckey is constructing a large building. Cline said the Roswell Rd. address is not proper because the land does not border Roswell Rd. Buckey, who attended the session, agreed, noting the address was provided by the Carroll County Regional Planning Commission.

“The driveway comes off High St., and that’s what the address should be,” Cline said.

Council said since the building is not located within the village limits, it has no jurisdiction over the matter. They suggested she contact the Post Office.

-ANNOUNCED 2012 village income tax forms are available at the Sherrodsville Post Office. Forms are due April 15.

-AGREED to spend up to $500 for repairs to Dawn Rd. that are to begin as soon as the weather permits. Council termed the work “pre-emptive action.”

-LEARNED the village’s EMS service has responded to 10 calls during 2013 and three people are enrolled in the basic EMT course at their own cost.

-HEARD Mayor Moffat state that if any village streets or alleys need attention during storms, residents should call him at 740-269-9089.

-AGREED to spend up to $1,500 for the purchase of new snowflake Christmas lights and for repairs of existing lights.

-SCHEDULED the next meeting Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers due to Presidents Day falling on the regular meeting night.  

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