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Carroll Hills staff stands up to bullying

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Carroll HillsMembers of the staff at Carroll Hills School took advantage of October being designated as “Stop the Bullying Awareness Month” to show their support for a former student.

Staff members wore red t-shirts with an anti bullying slogan to show support for Hope Holcomb, a 10-year-old girl from East Sparta who attended Carroll Hills preschool during the 2006 school year.

Holcomb and her parents are making headlines in area newspapers and on TV after her parents accused a neighbor of making fun of the girl, who has cerebral palsy and walks with crutches. The parents say they have a video of the neighbor and his son dragging one leg as they walked from the school bus, which Holcomb also rides.

The neighbors claim they were not making fun of the girl. The matter has been referred to the Stark County Prosecutor’s office.

A teacher from Carroll Hills said Hope was a “cute, fun-loving and pleasant girl” when she attended class there. She was presented the “Sky’s the Limit” award from the school because “she rose above the obstacles given to her in her life.”

Staff members wearing shirts in support of “Stop Bullying Awareness Month” include:  Standing from left: Kristen Long, Alicia Hall, Vera Fox, Zoe Gingerich (partially hidden), Cheryl Rohr, Mindy Shepherd, Katie Page, Leigha Hartshorne, Kim Yeager, Bonnie Underwood, Chrystal Day, Jodie McCauley, Jean Grabits, Margie Miller and Tonya Hawk. Seated from left are: Debbie McCauley, Ramona Baker, Elva Block and Shelly Haught. Kneeling behind are Nancy Boley, Wendy McGinnis and Tara Brown.

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