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Sherrodsville council contemplates asking voters for levy to operate ambulance service

By Carol McIntire

Members of Sherrodsville council want to study a request to place an EMS levy on the ballot before making any decision.

EMS Coordinator Joel Decker asked council during the Nov. 19 meeting to consider placing an EMS levy on the election ballot. He deferred the conversation to Solicitor Jason Jackson to present information on the steps council must take to place a request on the ballot.

Jackson said council must first pass a resolution asking the county auditor to certify the millage and determine how much the levy would generate in taxes. Then, council must pass a resolution to place the request on the ballot.

“It’s not a difficult process, but you have to sell it to the residents,” Jackson said, noting council can only tax residents who live inside the village and the ambulance service serves many who live outside the village in other townships.

“I don’t think Sherrodsville residents should be the only ones to pay,” said Mayor Ken Moffat.

Decker noted the service has contracts with the village of Roswell and Monroe and Orange townships. “The village can charge the townships and Roswell a provider fee and they can put a levy on the ballot to pay the fee to us,” Decker explained.

“Before we even think about putting a levy on the ballot we need to sell it to the people in the villages and the townships,” said Council Woman Janet Pearch. “Their first thought, which was also mine, is that now that you (the squad members) are getting paid, you need a levy. I know that’s not the reason, but the normal person doesn’t sit at council meetings and know we need a new squad or how much equipment costs.  We have to educate them.”

When Jackson said the levy request must be filed with the Carroll County Board of Elections 75 days prior to an election, Pearch said suggested they wait until the November 2013 election and asked Decker to provide council members with an information sheet about the ambulance service and the cost to operate it so they can educate citizens.

Moffat suggested forming a committee during the January council meeting that can focus on the levy.

No one indicated how much money was needed to operate the service or the cost of a new ambulance or needed equipment. The treasurer’s report for the meeting showed a balance of $85,058.54 in the ambulance fund. During his report, Decker said the estimated billing for patient trips through the end of November will be $90,750.48. He noted a portion of that will be written off due to various reasons.

In other business, council:
-VOTED to waive a $48 bill for asphalt to repair a street that was damaged by a semi truck delivering materials to a new construction site because the co-owner of the building, Danny Buckey donated his time to repair it and other areas of village streets. Buckey noted he and a partner are constructing a building at 8105 Roswell Rd., Sherrosville (just outside the corporation limit) to house a warehouse facility for a sticker company locating in the area from Pennsylvania. He hopes to have the new company moved in by spring 2013.

-PASSED an emergency ordinance allowing Sherrodsville Community Fire Department to sell two trucks, a 1999 Chevy 3500 brush truck and a 1988 GMC 3500 Suburban.  A notice will be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the village. They can also be advertised on the website govdeals.com,

-AGREED to spend up to $500 for repairs and equipment for the fire department.

-AGREED to purchase two pallets of salt for use on village streets.

-AGREED to check bulbs in the village’s Christmas lights Dec. 1 at 2 p.m. in the Mayor’s office. Anyone who would like to help should show up that day.

-LEARNED from Moffat several youths were caught vandalizing the village park building and one of them was ordered to make restitution for damage to the door. Council agreed to have the door repaired, send the bill to the youth and to board up the windows in the building.

-SET the next meeting Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers.     

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