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Carroll County Commissioners: ‘We will run our own dog pound’

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County Commissioners are fed up with animal groups trying to tell them how to run the county dog pound.

During Thursday’s session, Commissioner Bob Wirkner, who is in charge of the dog pound, said he is willing to talk to these groups, but made it clear county commissioners are in charge of the facility and will make their own decisions how to operate it.

“ I received a call from the SPCA  (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) saying they want the gas chamber at the dog pound dismantled,” Wirker told fellow commissioners Tom Wheaton and Jeff Ohler. “I told them we are looking at other alternatives and noted we have only used it once in the last two years. That didn’t seem acceptable to them and they say we are unresponsive. However, we did give a response; it’s just not what they want to hear.”

Wirker said that call, compounded by two week’s worth of calls from a rescue group and people associated with the group over the adoption of an Old English Bulldog from the pound to a county resident who was in the dog pound parking lot before the rescue group was, but was not “inside the door of the dog pound first,” prompted him to make a decision.

“We will talk to these people, but we will run our dog pound, they won’t,” he said. “We run the pound according to Ohio Revised Code and we make the policies. They are not going to make the decisions, we are.”

“We are in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code,” Ohler noted. “The rescue groups have helped us and we appreciate them.”

Commissioner Tom Wheaton noted the gas chamber has only been used once in the last two years and that was when a dog was injured badly and a local veterinarian was not available to euthanize the dog by injection.

“This has been going on for some time now,” Wheaton said. “They aren’t satisfied that we don’t use it, they want us to get rid of it.”

In other business, commissioners:
 -SIGNED a contract with Acquire Fire Protection to maintain fire extinguishers in various county buildings for six years at a cost of $1,451.15 per year.

-OPENED and tabled two bids for the replacement of the condensing unit and coil for the air conditioning in a portion of the courthouse. Bids were submitted by Best Commercial Energy Service of Akron and Standard Plumbing and Heating of Canton. –SIGNED a contract with Attorney Jonathan Downes for various county matters at a rate of $185 per hour.

-OPENED and tabled three bids to establish walking/biking trails at Atwood Lake Resort and Golf Club. Bids were submitted by Tuscon Inc. of New Philadelphia, E. Mullens Construction of Bloomingdale and Zinni Golf of Canfield.

-RECEIVED the weekly dog pound report showing six impounded, five tagged and three redeemed. There were 17 citations issued to dog owners without a proper license.

-LEARNED Wheaton was scheduled to meet with officials from Radius Hospitality to discuss plans for Atwood Lake Resort and Golf Club.

-AGREED to advertise for bids for the demolition of homes in Carroll County under the Moving Ohio Forward grant.

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