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Village turns its attention to spring cleaning projects

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

A spring clean up was a subject of discussion at the Monday meeting of Carrollton Council.

Blaine Strawder, building and zoning inspector for the village, told council he has received complaints about a dilapidated, unsafe building at 244 2nd St., SW., and sent a letter to the property owner March 6 but has not received a response.

After discussion, council directed Judi Noble, clerk-treasurer, to gather cost information from structural engineers for inspecting the building.  According to village codified ordinances (1341), buildings which “...constitute a hazard to health by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation...or do not conform to the provisions of the building code, are, for the purpose...unsafe buildings.  All such unsafe buildings are declared to be public nuisances and shall be abated by repair and rehabilitation or by demolition...”

The ordinance continues stating a written notice will be given to the owner of record and will state the defects causing the building to be unsafe, etc.  The noncompliance section states, “No owner of record...shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the notice to repair, rehabilitate or demolish and remove such building...In the event of such failure, neglect, or refusal, the owner...may be subject to a penalty.  A person could be guilty of a minor misdemeanor and fined not more than $100.  Each day a violation continues or occurs shall constitute a separate offense.

Strawder said there are other structures within the village that may require demolition.

In an unrelated matter, Strawder told council he has received calls from two attorneys, one representing AT&T, who would like to place a tower inside the village.  The other is for an oil pump jack to be installed inside city limits.  No specific addresses were given and there are no laws regarding these issues at the present time.

Mayor Frank Leghart told council an ordinance was brought to his attention stating prior to May 10 of each year, he is to advertise a proclamation ordering persons to clean thoroughly, provide proper drainage, and removal of trash, etc.  Discussion revolved around who would be responsible for following up to verify cleaning (county health commissioner or police chief) and the consequences for not abiding by the ordinance.  Another question was brought up as to how it would be decided who was abiding by the ordinance and who wasn’t.  The decision to advertise was approved 4-2, with Councilmen Luke Grimes and Andy Gonda opposing.  Grimes and Gonda feel the ordinance is outdated and needs revised.

The public works committee met prior to the council meeting and was visited by Ralph Castellucci of the Carroll County Environmental Services.  Castellucci, a county employee, has been in charge of BTM Sewer District for several years.  He spoke with committee members about the possibility of the village partnering with the Carroll County Environmental Services to provide water and possibly sewer service along SR 43, across SR 171 and to the SR 9 Commerce Park. 

The area would encompass close to 6,000 acres from Malvern corporation lines to SR 171/9.  Approximate cost of the project could be around $15 million.  All costs would be incurred by the Carroll County Commissioners.  Water and Sewer Superintendent Mike Leslie thought is was a good idea for a back up water supply, in case a mass contamination or other incident occurred to village water wells.

Council discussed the possibility of renaming a portion of 10th St., which connects to Daringer Ave. and SR 43.  According to previous reports, the confusion of two streets has caused a safety issue for emergency personnel.  Council is unsure how the sign and name came about.  Members discussed the possibility of considering it an unnamed alley but Village Solicitor Clark E. Battista recommended making it a continuation of Daringer Ave. since the streets connect with a curve.  Councilman Andy Gonda made the motion to name the portion Daringer Ave. and it was approved.  Wilma Lambert voted no.  There are no homes fronted on that portion of Daringer Ave. and it is a paved section the village maintains.

In other business, council:
-HEARD monthly supervisor reports.

-LEARNED three new home permits were issued for properties on Lincoln Ave. for Habitat for Humanity homes.

-GRANTED permission for a N. Lisbon St. property owner to raze one home on the property and build an addition to the other home.

-HEARD a four-inch water tap has been installed at the Days Inn Carrollton for the new villa suites.

-PROCLAIMED May as Motorcycle Awareness Month and urged drivers to “look twice for motorcycles.”

-APPROVED an emergency resolution strongly opposing House Bill 5.  According to Noble passing the resolution to oppose the bill is a recommendation from the Ohio Municipal League.

-HEARD tire recycling will take place the week of May 13.  Residents are able to place up to four car or light truck tires curbside to be picked up.  Residents living on an alley may set them at the front of the property.

-WAS told 3rd St. NE, will be closed for the annual mock crash demonstration April 25 beginning at 8:30 a.m. 

-LEARNED Columbia Gas will be replacing lines in the northeast quadrant, from Main St. - 4th St., Park Ave. and a portion of N. Lisbon.

-SCHEDULED a Public Works committee meeting to discuss the Brown Twp. water issue May 13 at 6 p.m.

-PAID bills totaling $77,672.02 for vendors and $36,549.53 for payroll.

-SET the next council meeting for May 13 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

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