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Sharing services is key to idea pitched by commissioner

By Carol McIntire

Commissioner Robert “Bob” Wirkner outlined a plan last week he hopes will benefit both the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department and the Dog Pound.

Wirkner discussed the idea during last Thursday’s commissioners meeting, which was attended by Sheriff Dale Williams and Dog Warden Ken Ohler.

“I would like to see us share services,” Wirkner stated. “I have received some complaints about the Sheriff’s Department K-9 dogs being in the back seat of the officer’s car parked in front of the Sheriff’s Department,” he said. “I would like for us to have a place inside the dog pound to keep the dogs when they are on duty with their handler. It would be a nice place to put the dogs, especially in the summer months.” He noted the idea is only for when the dogs are on duty with their handlers, not meant to be utilized during off-duty hours.

Carroll County has two K-9 dogs, one which works with a full-time officer and the other which works with a part-time, on-call deputy.

Sheriff Williams said he would be “happy to work with dog pound officials to work out arrangements.”

Wirkner asked Ohler about the condition of the dog pound and suggestions for improvement projects.

“How about the roof, the outside of the building and floor?” he asked. “Do we need to replace the roof, paint the outside of any of the buildings or the floor?”

Ohler said dog pound officials have painted the floor but have had trouble with paint not adhering to the concrete surface. He said the roof was replaced “a few years ago.”

“How sanitary is the floor with the pores in the cement?” Wirkner asked. “Can’t we find something that will stick to the floor so we can get a good coat of paint on it?”

“Spring is coming,” he said. “The sheriff has trustees available. Now is the time to do any necessary repairs.”

Commissioner Tom Wheaton suggested they do a “walk through” of the dog pound and make a list of needed repairs and proceed from that point.

Wirkner also asked Ohler about the use of a cell phone in his duties as dog warden.

“I’ve tried to call you using the cell phone number we have and it doesn’t work,” Wirker said.

“I don’t have a cell phone anymore,” Ohler replied. “I tried it and it doesn’t work. We are using the hand-held radios to communicate.”

“How do we get hold of you on weekends and in the evening?” Wirkner asked.

“When the Sheriff needs me he calls the house and leaves a message on the machine. When I get home, I call him back. I was told if I was on call I didn’t have to sit at home if I had an answering service.”

Wirkner asked Ohler if he feels a cell phone would be beneficial in his duties as dog warden to which Ohler replied, “Just call the dog pound, Laura can get hold of me using the radio.”

In other business commissioners:
-HEARD Williams express appreciation to Wirkner for assistance in securing the donation of pickup truck from Chesapeake Energy to replace a worn-out truck used by the Sheriff’s Department. Williams said Chesapeake is donating a 2011 four-door, short-bed 4x4 truck with about 100,000 miles. Wirkner noted the high mileage will not affect the truck as they are well-maintained by Chesapeake.

-ACCEPTED the quote of Community Title in Carrollton to complete title searches for property involved in the Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program. Grant Administrator Marshal Bleckman contacted three companies seeking quotes and Community Title was the only one to respond with a price of $150 per report.

-AGREED to accept bids until 9:30 a.m. April 18 in the commissioners office to pave the following streets using funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) FY 12 program: South St. in Loudon Twp., Murray Ave. and Pennock streets in Minerva, Reed St. in Malvern and Carrollton, Davie and West streets in Dellroy.

-RECEIVED the weekly dog pound report showing eight dogs impounded and 13 tagged. There was one citation issued to an owner without a proper license and one to the owner of a dog running at large.

-AGREED to accept bids for the 2013 Carroll County Highway Department’s box culvert replacement project until April 29 at 9:30 a.m. Specifications are available at the highway department, 200 Kensington Rd., Carrollton.

-LEARNED Commissioner Jeff Ohler met with village officials and Brown Twp./Malvern Sewer District Manager Ralph Castellucci to discuss long range planning for water and sewer services in the county. Ohler said the next step is for Castellucci to meet with Mike Leslie, the village’s sewer department manager.

-LEARNED from Ohler the landfill closure case is moving forward and the plan to finalize the closure of the landfill should “be in the hands of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) within 30 days.”

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