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County general fund appropriations total $6.8 million

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County Commissioners were very generous with their general fund appropriations for 2013.

Commissioner President Jeff Ohler told The Free Press Standard last week 2013 requests totaled $6.75 million and the county could easily meet those requests. When commissioners approved appropriations Jan. 3, they totaled nearly $7 million: $6,831.245 to be exact. That amount is nearly $1 million more than the 2012 appropriations which totaled $5.9 million.

Auditor E. Leroy VanHorne said the county had a carryover of about $1.6 million which, he said, was courtesy of the oil and gas industry. Sales tax for the first 10 months of 2012 was up over $.5 million from the previous year. That, coupled with the fact that the county lived within its 2012 budget and did not ask him to recertify when the county met its anticipated income level, allowed the carryover to be larger than anticipated.

 Several departments and agencies that receive grants from the county received more than they requested in their 2013 budget; others received just under what they requested.

The agency receiving the largest appropriation was the Sheriff’s Department, which received $1.573 million. The department expended $1.42 million in 2012, which is more than the $1.36 million that was appropriated last year. Commissioners also agreed to pay about $21,000 for a grant to cover salaries that was lost.

Appropriations for other departments followed by their expenditures for 2012 are as follows:

Auditor: 2013 appropriations, $286,846; 2012 expenditures, $239,717.23.
Treasurer: 2013, $140,152; 2012, $120,066.56.
Prosecuting Attorney: 2013, $343,360; 2012, $297,537.83.
Common Pleas Court: 2013, $391,781; 2012, $346,727.90.
Child Support Enforcement Agency: 2013, $60,000; 2012, $50,000.
Probate Court: 2013, $72,681; 2012, $58,486.65.
Juvenile Court: 2013, $151.245; 2012, $116,592.79.
Clerk of Courts: 2013, $159,949; 2012, $149,004.48.
Coroner: 2013, $47,890; 2012, $48,518.79.
Municipal Court: 2013, $246,456; 2012, $233,978.76.
Municipal Court Probation: 2013, $29,467; 2012, $28,478.91.
Public Defender: 2013, $127,810; 2012, $121,881.30.
Board of Elections: 2013, $236,801; 2012, $231,677.89.
Recorder: 2013, $189,060; 2012, $191,381.49.
Emergency Management Agency: 2013, $29,420; 2012, $25,345.
Veterans Service Agency: 2013, $278,832; 2012, $260,423.54.
Child Welfare: 2013, $212,000; 2012, $87,000.
Agencies that received grants from the general fund include:
County Volunteer Fire Department, $22,500, up from $17,500 last year; Agricultural Society, $12,000, up from $10,000; Soil and Water Conservation Service, $66,258, up from $53,700; and OSU Extension, $88,000, up from $25,000.

Commissioners did not provide a funding to the Airport Authority as they received funds from the sale of a tractor. 

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