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Commissioners say good-bye to Hawk, pay Law Library bills on advice from prosecutor

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County Commissioners hosted a party for outgoing Commissioner Doyle Hawk during their Dec. 28 meeting.

He is completing his first four-year term in public office, and will be replaced by Robert “Bob” Wirkner who won election to the seat at the November general election.

Hawk, who was obviously surprised when the Commissioners clerks walked into the meeting room carrying a cake, said he has enjoyed his time in office.

“It’s been an experience,” Hawk said. “When I started here we didn’t have two pennies to rub together. Thanks to the oil and gas industry, that is changing.”

He termed his four-years as “learning experience” and said he enjoyed the time and working alongside former Commissioner Larry Garner as well as Commissioners Tom Wheaton and Jeff Ohler.

In other business, commissioners:
-APPROVED a transfer of $16,758.12 to pay for past due bills in the Law Library budget after Wheaton said he clarified with Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burns it is legal to use general fund money to pay the bills.

-NOTED they received a check for $12,012.50 as an oil and gas bonus payment for county-owned land in Perry Twp.

Another check is expected to arrive for land the county owns near Wattsville in Fox Twp.

-RE-APPOINTED Ava Clark, Betty Gray and Eunice Thompson to the Affirmative Action Council for terms ending Dec. 31, 2014, and Kenny Scott to the Carroll County District Library Board for a term ending Dec. 31, 2016.

-SIGNED a one-year agreement with MFCD LLC for software support for the county auditor’s real estate program at a cost of $2,625 per month. Commissioner Wheaton noted the agreement includes $100 per month for programs for the dog pound as well and asked if the contract was paid with real estate assessment funds or county general fund dollars. Commissioner Ohler will ask the auditor of clarification on the payment of the contract.

-RECEIVED the dog pound report of the week of Dec. 17-22 showing 10 dogs impounded, 12 tagged and one redeemed. There were two citations issued to owners for dogs running at large.

-CERTIFIED the county highway department maintains 306.945 miles of roadway.

-AGREED to repair potholes in the driveway at the H&R Block location in conjunction with Benchmark Construction as part of the project that converted a close alley into a parking area for the Department of Job and Family Services, which is located adjacent to the H&R Block business.

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