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Council amends vehicle repair ordinance

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

Carrollton Council began the Monday night meeting with an executive session that lasted just over an hour.

Council, the mayor, clerk, and village solicitor were requested to attend the session for imminent litigation.  No action was taken.

In another matter, Mayor Frank Leghart was asked if a newspaper article was accurate that stated all charges had been dropped against Police Chief Ron Yeager.  Leghart noted all charges have been dropped.  After further questioning, he said charges had been dropped with the advice of legal counsel. He was advised by legal counsel before any action was taken.

In an unrelated matter, Leghart asked council to reconsider the action taken at the Nov. 13 meeting in regards to the passage of a motion requiring all maintenance and/or repairs to village safety equipment be performed by certified mechanics. 

Leghart showed council checklists for each vehicle used by the village fire department.  The department goes over the checklist and each vehicle during the first meeting of each month.  At this time, firefighters would perform any of the light duty maintenance required. 

Leghart explained his original intention was to assure major projects, such as brakes, suspension, throttle issues, were done by an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic.
“I don’t want to impose something so restrictive,” stated Leghart.  “I would like council to consider going back to the original intention of allowing the department to do routine maintenance like we all do on our own vehicles.”

Leghart also acknowledged it would be expensive and time consuming to have everything for all fire department vehicles “farmed out.” 

Repairs listed on the checklist will be all that can be done in-house, all other maintenance and/or repairs will be performed by a certified mechanic.

Resident Stan Bright asked council members what their stipulation for ASE certification is.  He noted there are several types of ASE certifications and thought they should include their stipulation in the motion.  Bright said a person can hold several certifications, which is a master certification.  Leghart said the mechanic should be ASE certified in heavy equipment.  Council amended the motion.

Clerk-treasurer Judi Noble announced the clerk’s office will be closed Dec. 24 and 25 and closing at noon Dec. 31. The half-day closure will allow the employees to close the books for 2012.

In other business, council:
-APPROVED two variances brought before the Zoning Board.  Alan Walter requested a variance for his 12th St. property to build a barn/garage in a different location due to the expansion of the AEP substation.  Julie Shuman was granted a variance to add on to her home on 3rd St.

-HEARD Jeff Bolanz attended the street and alley committee asking for council to open one spot for parking south of his driveway at the intersection of 5th and High streets.  The committee also discussed making the intersection a four way stop.

-LEARNED Mark Meftah of Uhrichsville will be sworn in as a part-time police officer.  Meftah has 16 years experience in law enforcement, fire and EMS training.

-DIRECTED Village Solicitor Clark E. Battista to draw up ordinances to approve fire contracts between Carrollton Village Fire Dept. and Center, Lee, Union and Washington Townships.  The contract for fire protection is $5,000 per year, payable in two equal installments.  Contracts would run Jan. 1, 2013 through Dec. 31, 2017.

-SCHEDULED  water and sewer committee meeting Dec. 27 at 6 p.m.

-SET a planning commission meeting for Dec. 11 for a land split for Alan Walter.

-HEARD village representatives have been involved with meetings for potential development on Canton Rd. and discussion of future development on SR 9.

-PAID bills totaling $$130,683.96 for vendors and $33,371.51 for payroll.

-SCHEDULED the next council meeting for Dec. 27 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

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