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State Patrol steps up presence in Carroll County

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State Patrol sub post
State Highway Patrol officials from the New Philadelphia Post delivered a sign to the Ohio Department of Transportation garage last week designating it as a sub-post for the patrol. From left are: Lt. Mark Glennon, post commander; Sgt. Bill Bower, Vince Carter, ODOT superintendent; and Mark Manfull, assistant superintendent.

Vehicles bearing the Ohio State Highway Patrol logo are likely to become a common sight in Carroll County with the establishment of a sub post at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT garage).

Lt. Mark Glennon, New Philadelphia post commander, said the goal is for the Patrol to have more of a presence in the county.

“It is our goal to have one trooper on duty in Carroll County each shift depending on manpower,” he said. “The number of crashes in the county has increased due to an increase of traffic on the highways. We are working with Sheriff Dale Williams to handle those accidents. The Sheriff’s Department is doing a lot of the non-injury crashes. Our troopers have the training and expertise to handle the injury crashes and fatalities, so we are working together.”

He noted the county has already experienced four fatal crashes in 2013, which is the ceiling for the year. “The goal is to be under that number,” he explained. “Last year there were three fatal crashes on Carroll County highways.”

Patrol officials worked with Vince Carter, superintendent of the ODOT garage, to secure space in the Kensington Rd. building. “We are happy to have the Patrol in the county,” said Carter last week when Glennon and Sgt. Bill Bower delivered a sign designating the garage as a sub-post. 

Troopers working in Carroll County can use the sub post to meet with the public in order to complete crash reports, enter case investigations into the computer system and process evidence, with minimal additional costs.

In 1933, the first Ohio State Highway Patrol class graduated and was assigned to six districts across the state, with each district having three substations. These substations were initially located in private residences. The last major organizational change to the structure of the Patrol occurred in 1953.

In January 2012, a plan was outlined to reorganize the Patrol’s structure to continue providing a high level of service at a reduced cost. By January 1, 2014, the Patrol will have completed the reorganization from ten districts to eight. Headquarters for the eight districts will be in Findlay, Bucyrus, Warren, Piqua, Columbus, Cambridge, Wilmington and Jackson.

As part of the reorganization, plans are to establish sub posts in the 31 resident counties that do not have stand-alone posts to ensure appropriate traffic safety services and coverage in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.

“The establishment of this enhanced presence in the county is another way in which the Ohio State Highway Patrol is contributing to a safer Ohio,” said Glennon.

Area motorists and residents in need of Patrol services should contact the New Philadelphia Patrol Post at (330) 339-1103.

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