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Project aims to bring new life to McCook House

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

The McCook House is getting a facelift.

Frank Caspio of Grunwell-Cashero Co. visited Carrollton Council during their Monday night meeting.  Caspio informed members the McCook House Civil War Museum is undergoing a total historical restoration on the interior and exterior.  Caspio asked council for approval to close the sidewalk to pedestrian traffic on S. Lisbon St. for several months. 

A scaffolding will be placed on the sidewalk which will then be wrapped in heavy plastic.  Caspio explained, “We will be dealing with temperature sensitive items and therefore will need to heat the work area.”  Temperatures must remain above 40 degrees. 

A portion of the exterior restoration will include tearing up a portion of the sidewalk for them to be able to get to the sandstone foundation.  Caspio noted they will have to go down at least three layers of block for repairs and the work will be a slow process. 

They will begin preparing for work Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  Caspio also asked council if they had any village owned secure property they could store their equipment at overnight.  They did not have any empty areas at this time.

According to their website, Grunwell-Cashero Co. is a recognized specialist in building restoration, rehabilitation and preventative maintenance and have been involved in building restoration since 1953.  They estimate the restoration to cost close to $300,000.  Funds for the restoration are being administered through the Ohio Historical Society through a grant from the capital budget from Ohio Fiscal year 2009.

In an unrelated matter, Mayor Dave Flanary told council he has received 14 applications for the village administrator position, two from Carrollton or Carroll County.  Councilman Frank Leghart asked the Mayor if council would have the opportunity to also review the applications before they were asked to approve the Mayor’s choice.  He was told no they would not have that opportunity.

Councilman Andy Gonda noted he thought it would be in the best interest of the village to hire someone local.  He feels they would be more apt to and want to stay and would already have roots planted. 

The first review of applicants will be Nov. 15.

Current Village Administrator Robert Fowler did not attend the Monday night meeting and rescheduled the street and alley committee meeting that was scheduled for 6 p.m. before the council meeting.  Fowler noted a previous council meeting he has contacts within the field and will work to make the transition smooth for the new administrator.  Fowler, who will start his new position with the city of Wooster Dec. 6, is using some his accumulated seven weeks of vacation.  Flanary read Fowler’s resignation letter to council at the Oct. 11 meeting citing family and personal reasons.  No actual resignation date was given.

In other business, council:
-ACCEPTED a bid from MJ Construction for $113,013 to replace waterlines on 4th St. SE. 

-LEARNED the planning commission will meet Nov. 16 at 7 p.m.

-GRANTED permission to Newell Realty and Auctions to close the alley beside the Sheriff’s office from 2nd St. to the garage door at the back of the Sheriff’s office for the entire day for an auction.

-APPROVED a request from Carrollton Civic Club to close the alley beside Long’s from 2nd - 3rd St. SE. for the entire day Nov. 26 for the annual Coley’s Stag Reunion.

-HEARD the Christmas lights are ready to be placed on light poles.

-PAID bills totaling $91,642.62 for vendors and $33,843.38 for payroll.

-SET  the next council meeting for Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

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