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Voter turnout ‘light’; election officials pleased with performance of electronic poll books

FPS staff report

Voter turnout was lighter than expected for the Nov. 5 general election.

Board of Elections officials predicted that 45 percent of the county’s 18,128 registered voters would cast ballots. Only 5,935, or 32.7 percent of the voters cast ballots.

The total ballots included 732 absentee ballots cast prior to the election. Forty seven provisional ballots were cast. The provisional ballots will not be counted until the official canvas, which is scheduled for Nov. 20, according to George Keyser, deputy director of elections. Provisional ballots could change the outcome of a 1.7 mill countywide tax levy for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. With votes counted Tuesday, the levy was passing by the slim margin of three votes.

All 23 precincts had reported in to the Board of Elections by 9:30 p.m. Election officials credited the use of the new electronic poll books with helping speed up the process poll workers go through to complete the election process.

“As time goes on and the poll workers become more familiar with the machines, it should take even less time to close out,” Keyser noted.
All results from Tuesday are unofficial until the official canvas is conducted.  

Both the countywide tax levies on Tuesday’s general election ballot were approved by voters while the Carrollton Exempted Village School levy was soundly rejected.

Unofficial results show voters approved a .5 mill replacement levy for the Senior Friendship Center by a count of 3,444 “for the levy” and 2,434 “against the levy.”

A 1.7 mill renewal levy for the maintenance and construction of roads and bridges also passed.

Tuesday voters passed the levy by the slim margin of three votes; 2,928 “for” and 2,925 “against.” Election officials noted 47 provisional ballots were cast that will not be counted until the official canvas is held Nov. 20, which could change the outcome of the levy.

County voters rejected 5.3 mill operating levy that would have provided $1.75 million a year for five years for the operation of the Carrollton Exempted Village School District. Voters cast 1,662 votes for the levy and 2,448 against the levy.

During Tuesday evening’s monthly board of education meeting prior to election results being announced, Superintendent Dr. David Quattrochi said “perseverance” was the key to passing the school levy.

“We will see what happens tonight and go from there tomorrow,” he told the board of education.

Vote totals for other levies that appeared on Carroll County ballots are as follows (Carroll County vote totals only):

Village of Minerva 1.2 mill renewal for recreational purposes: Yes: 113; No: 87.

Village of Minerva electrical aggregation program: Yes: 111: No: 86.
Minerva Sr. Center .3 mill levy: Yes: 147; No: 57.

East Twp. .8 mill replacement levy for fire protection: Yes: 112: No: 77.

Monroe Twp. 2 mill replacement levy for fire protection: Yes: 208; No: 79.

Orange Twp. (excluding Leesville and Sherrodsville) .9 mill for roads and bridges: Yes: 86; No: 71.

Rose Twp. (excluding Magnolia) 2 mill levy for roads and bridges: Yes: 141; No: 152.

Edison Local School District levy (Carroll and Jefferson County voter combined): Yes: 1,214; No: 1,281.

Buckeye JVS improvements: Yes: 1,917; No: 2,522.

Voters approved a local option for the Carroll County Vet’s Club in Washington Twp to sell liquor by a 214-87 margin and approved the Sunday sale of liquor by the 172-128 count.

Races existed for positions on four area boards of education at Tuesday’s general election.

In a four-way race for two seats on the Brown Local Board of Education, Tami Hulit and Dechelle Thompson won election. Hulit received 431 votes, Thompson, 396; Preston Anderson, 325; and Michael McCort, 271.

In a three-way race for two seats on the Conotton Valley board, voters in Carroll and Harrison counties gave the nod to Deborah Carrothers and Kari Galigher.

Carrothers received a total of 367 votes; Galigher, 337 and Lee Bowdish, 242.

In the closest voting of the night the three candidates for the Minerva Local Board of Education were separated by a total of four votes. All three were elected to board seats. Combined vote totals for Carroll County and Stark counties were: Robert Foltz, 479; Susan Crawford, 476; and Jeff Evans, 475. Rob Yeagley, who was unopposed for an unexpired term on the Minerva school board, received 566 votes.

Rose Seck and Eric Roberts both won election to the Carrollton Exempted Village School District Board of Education. Seck received 2,912 votes and Roberts, 2048.

Following are the Carroll County vote totals for other area schools boards: (other counties included in the districts had not yet posted vote totals when the FPS went to press):

Edison Local: Scott Lockhart, 55; Warren Sanders, 0.

Edison Local unexpired term: John Prokopakis, 69.

Southern Local: Karl, Blissenback, Robert Dowling, Linda Morris, Bill Pitt and John Sawyer, each one vote.

Sandy Valley: Dennis Corsi, 136; Isaiah Winters, 48; Frederick Pisani, 1.

Stark County Educational Service Center: Jack Sickafoose, 773; Richard Wingerter, 629; Jim Holmes, 560; Howard Wernow, 304.

Two trustees were elected from each of the county’s 14 townships at Tuesday’s general election. In 10 of those townships, only two candidates filed petitions to run for election. In the other four, more than two candidates filed petitions.

There was one race for fiscal officer to fill the unexpired term in East Twp.

Following are the results with the number of votes received by each candidate. The two candidates who received the most votes won election as trustees.

Board of Election officials noted the results are not official until the official canvas is held Nov. 20.

East Twp. Fiscal Officer: Sharon C. Kampfer, 110; Shawnna Shipley, 65.

Augusta Twp.: Calvin Carl Mangun, 185; Jeff Hawk, 182.

Brown Twp.: Joseph V. Chiurco, 771; Eddie L. Clark, 686.

Center Twp.: Jeffrey L. Tipton, 715; Kenneth Skinner, 489; Bill Grimes, 420; Robert Hendrix, 176; Scott A Nicholas, 143.

East Twp.: Curtis D. Frase, 108; Scott Miller, 104.

Fox Twp.: Timothy N. Dayton, 166; Todd E. Brown, 154; Ryan D. Roberts, 89; Robert Eish, 69.

Harrison Twp.: Stanley Bob George, 249; Charles Carter, 196; Frank Chiurco, 189; Mark Weber, 170; Melvin Riggenbach, 138; Jim D. Funk, 131; Timothy Patterson, 42.

Lee Twp.: Dick Walters, 195; James Fisher, 149.

Loudon Twp.: Allan Furbee, 183; Carl Smith, 132; John E. Beckley, 121.

Monroe Twp.: Brian McIntire, 351; Raymond Dingler, 338; Mick Ruby, 136.

Orange Twp.: Joseph Nign, 160; James Romig, 154.

Orange Twp.: Unexpired term: Robert McClain, 175.

Perry Twp.: Donald Leggett II, 139; Ronald Edie, 136.

Rose Twp.: Joe Little, 201; Jonathan Ward, 154; Phil Pavick, 142.

Union Twp.: T. David Frew, 183; Robert C. McCort, 167.

Washington Twp.: Christopher Keyser, 239; Christopher Kuttie, 11.

There were no contested races for seats on village councils in Carroll County at the Nov. 5 general election: those whose names appeared on the ballot were elected.

Following are the vote totals for candidates in each village:

Carrollton (four to elect): Thomas Parker, 443; Wilma Lambert, 403; Andrew Gonda, 379; Danny Locke, 358.

Dellroy Council (four to elect; three petitions filed): Donald Williams, 53; Barbara Kay Onstott, 52; Harry Joey Mabie Jr., 48.

Leesville mayor and council: No one filed.

Magnolia village council and board of public affairs: No one filed.

Malvern Council: Angela Lambert, 129; Robert DeLong, 122; Barbara Burgess, 109; Kathleen Ritter, 104.

Minerva Council: Cyndy Lawson, 144; Billie Rowe, 136.

Sherrodsville Council: Irvin Newell, 46; Johnnie Nicholas, 29.

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