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Tower leases delay wireless broadband implementation

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County Commissioner Tom Wheaton had an explanation last week for county residents who signed up for Internet service from Cue Band and haven’t received information.

Wheaton said the process has been delayed about two months because Cue Band has to secure leases to place their equipment on two Multi Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) towers.

“Installation of broadband has been delayed about two months because of the leases,” Wheaton noted. “MARCS towers were paid for with public money so a private company can’t lease space on them so we will have to obtain a lease for the tower and then sublease space to Cue Band.”

Leases need to be secured for the towers on Kensington Rd. and the one at Dellroy. Cue Band has to identify all the equipment and the weight of each piece in the application.

“I’m asking that we consider signing the lease agreement when it is ready,” Wheaton said.

In an unrelated matter, commissioners were introduced to the next county engineer.

Engineer Dave Miskimen, who is retiring when his term expires Jan. 6, 2013, visited to introduce Brian Wise as his replacement. Wise, a Republican, is running unopposed for the position at the Nov. 6 general election.

Miskimen said Wise is already on the job becoming familiar with the procedure used to plow roads in Carroll County.

“My department has been really busy lately,” he noted. “The oil and gas activity in the county has really buried us and they say it will increase next summer. I will give the companies credit. They are providing us with the information we need.”

The oil and gas companies must obtain right-of-way agreements and Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMA) through the highway department.

In other business, commissioners:
-TRANSFERRED a RUMA agreement from EnerVest to Chesapeake for the maintenance of Fargo Rd. in Rose Twp. in conjunction with the Otte well.

-APPROVED right-of-way agreements for CTL Engineering to do geotechnical road borings on Avon Rd. in Washington Twp. for the Kirchbaum site; Bear Rd. in Loudon Twp. for the Sunnybrook well; Sabre Rd. in Perry Twp. for the Javersak well; Avon Rd. in Washington Twp. for the Ott well; Bear and Trench roads in Loudon Twp. for the Anderson well; and Squirrel Rd. in Washington Twp. for the Ford well; and for Chesapeake Energy to install a driveway in Perry Twp.

-TABLED action on a lease with the Carrollton Farmer’s Exchange for office space at 613 N. High St., Carrollton, for the Carroll County 4-H program. The lease presented was for $990 per month for three years. Commissioners said the believed the lease was only to be for a one-year period.

-ANNOUNCED Rosebud Mining’s permit for coal mining in Rose Twp at the Smith Evergreen site was approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

-APPROVED an oil and gas lease with Chesapeake Energy for 2.4 acres of land the county owns in Perry Twp with a $5,000 per acre bonus payment and royalties of 18 percent of the net for any gas and oil produced from the property. Commissioners noted they were not aware the county owned the land; Chesapeake brought it to their attention. The land is located in the Maple Valley Subdivision.

-RECEIVED the September report from the Golden Age Retreat showing seven male and 41 female residents.

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