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Gilliam re-elected Democrat chair; Mangun to lead county Republicans

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Ruby Gilliam was confirmed as chairman of the Carroll County Democrat Central and Executive Committee during a June 30 meeting.

The committee originally met June 2 to reorganize. Gilliam was the only nomination for chairman. A vote ended in a 5-5 tie with three members abstaining. The vote was referred to the state level for clarification since the vote ended in a tie.

Party officials received an opinion from the state saying if Gilliam was the only nomination for the position, only one yes vote was necessary to elect her to the office. The information was announced during the June 30 session.

Gilliam, who represents Brown Twp. C precinct, has been the party’s chairman since 1987 when she was appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late Fred H. Barnett, Sr. She was then elected chairman during the May 1988 primary.

Other officers include: Robert Matkowski, Perry Twp precinct, vice chair; Amanda Tubaugh, Harrison B precinct, treasurer; and Roselle Furbee, Loudon Twp. precinct, secretary.

Jeff Mangun was elected president of the Carroll County Republican Party Central and Executive Committee during a June 22 meeting

The committee reorganized June 3 and elected Bob Herron of Carrollton chairman. However, due to a potential issue with the method of voting for officers (secret ballot) was called into question, a second reorganizational meeting was held. Voting at the June 22 meeting was conducted by a roll call vote.

Herron asked at the June 22 meeting that he not be considered for the chairman position due to personal reasons, including time constraints. Herron will continue to participate as an at-large member and sit on the executive committee.

Mangun, who represents Augusta Twp precinct, was elected chairman by a unanimous vote of the committee. He was elected to the committee at the May 2014 primary.

Other officers include: Gary Pierce, Brown Twp B precinct, vice president; Cheryl Palmer, Lee Twp, secretary; and Linda Massey, at-large member, treasurer.

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