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Sheriff says 2013 budget is still lacking in funds

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County Commissioners and Sheriff Dale Williams continue to wrangle with the 2013 budget.

Williams visited commissioners again last Thursday, asking for additional money in his fuel budget. A week earlier, Williams visited asking for funds to help pay for protective vests for road deputies and reserve officers.

Commissioners budgeted $1,573,320 to Williams’ department for 2013. He asked for $1,590,245 and spent $1,424,127.17 in 2012.

Williams asked for about $4,400 to purchase the vests, but commissioners say he’ll need more than that. A grant will pay half of the purchase price and the reserve deputy organization will pay its half of price of the vests, which is $800 each, according to Williams. Originally, Williams asked for 30 vests costing $24,000, but said that number has been scaled back to  23 vests and $18,400, he said.

With figures from his 2013 budget in hand Thursday, Williams asked for additional money to purchase fuel.

“You appropriated $72,000 in the fuel line which includes the $50,000 the county engineer gives our department from the road levy,” Wiliams said. “I pay for car repairs and fuel both out of that line.”

 Williams said he ran short in August 2012 in the fuel line and “had to take $20,00-$25,000 out of wages to pay for it.”

Commissioners made up a shortage of $21,000 in the wage line of Williams’s budget at the end of 2012.

Estimating fuel costs at $6,000 per month, Williams said he will be short again. “I am estimating it will cost about $90,000 for fuel and repairs this year so once again I will be short.” He asked for $17,000, which is the amount commissioners cut his budget request.

“I can take it out of wages and come back later,” Williams said.

“I would rather give you the money now and not have him come back later when we aren’t sure of our budget situation,” said Commissioner Tom Wheaton.

Commissioner Robert “Bob” Wirkner said his inclination was to “make his budget request whole and have him pay for everything out of his own money.”

Commissioner Jeff Ohler said his intention is to increase Williams’ budget, but noted the funds will have to come out of the commissioners’ budget. “At this point, we don’t have any other choice,” he said.

Commissioners agreed to discuss the matter further during the Jan. 24 meeting.

In other business, commissioners:
-AGREED to accept quotes to develop the county’s cost allocation plan for 2012 to be used in 2014 until Feb. 21 at 4 p.m.

-AGREED to conduct leadership meetings the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in the Municipal Court room.

-WERE visited by Mike Stich, a member of the Carroll County Airport Authority who talked about the possibility of obtaining a vehicle to be used by the crew of aircrafts that land at the county airport. Commissioners said they had a couple suggestions and may be able to help with the request. Stich noted the airport is eligible for a grant to fence the runway in light of an accident that occurred involving a vehicle that attempted to drive off the end of the runway recently.

-APPROVED the following road use maintenance agreements with Chesapeake Exploration to use portions of the following highways:

-Alamo Rd. in Union Twp. for access to the Putnam well site;

-Alamo and Autum Rd. for access to the Mitchell well site in Union Twp.;

-Pearl and Pecan roads in Lee Twp. for access to the Jane Ann well site;

-Pearl Rd. in Lee Twp. for access to the Evans wells site;

-Bear Rd. in Loudon Twp. for access to the Sunnybrook and Forsythe well sites;

-Panama, Bay, Apollo and Park roads in Le Twp for access to the Bailey well site;

-Bay, Panama and Pander roads in Lee Twp. for access to the Wagner well site and;

-Apollo and Raven roads in Lee Twp. for access to the Coe well site.

Approved a road use maintenance agreement with Cardinal Gas Services to use portions of Marble, Bane, Midway and Aurora roads in Augusta Twp. for access to the Augusta CF and LHF well site.

-SET the rate of workers compensation at 1 percent for probationers performing community service.

-APPOINTED commissioners to serve on various committees and organizations.

-SET the mileage reimbursement for county employees at .565 cents per mile, up from .45 cents last year.

-LEARNED Wheaton planned to meet with officials from Kent State Tuscarawas and Radius Hospitality to discuss items relating to Kent State’s involvement at Atwood Resort and Golf Club.

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