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Charges pending

By Carol McIntire

Charges are expected to be filed following a raid last week at the Carroll County Veterans Club on Brenner Rd. north of Carrollton.

John Campbell, agent in charge with the Ohio Investigative Unit, said a search warrant was executed at the club Dec. 6 at about 5:20 p.m. with agents from the department.

The search warrant was issued because of complaints the department received about the Veterans Club serving alcohol without a valid permit from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control.

Campbell said agents seized beer, intoxicating liquor, gambling related items, cash and papers associated with gambling.

“I plan to consult with the prosecuting attorney concerning the filing of charges for the illegal sale of alcohol and gambling,” Campbell told The Free Press Standard.

He said no one was arrested the night of the raid.

Campbell said the Ohio Department of Liquor Control issues permits for the sale of beer and intoxicating liquor and the Ohio Investigative Unit, an arm of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, enforces the state’s liquor laws.

A search of the Department of Liquor Control’s web site of liquor permit holders did not show any type of liquor permit having ever been issued to the Carroll County Veteran’s Club.

Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams said he was asked by a Veterans Club official to sign an application for a temporary liquor permit following the raid.

Williams said the paper was filled out so he signed the application.

Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Don Burns said if the charges filed are misdemeanors, the defendants will be issued subpoenas to appear in Carroll County Municipal Court.

The Free Press attempted to contact Blaine Strawder, president of the Veterans Club, but the phone number listed in the directory has been disconnected. 

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