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Bowerston offers assistance Sherrodsville squad

By Carol McIntire

Things are looking up for Sherrodsville EMS (Emergency Medical Service).

Officials from Bowerston EMS offered their services to assist with calls in a timely manner and it appears Sherrodsville council has enough interested persons to conduct an EMT class in the village.

Adam Reardon, a member of the Bowerston squad asked village council Monday evening if it would be possible to have Bowerston EMS toned at the same time Sherrodsville E Squad is toned.

“We are requesting we put on as an automatic mutual to Sherrodsville E-squad,” he said. “We aren’t looking to take any calls away, just shorten the response time.” He noted that under the present system, Sherrodsville is toned first. The dispatch center waits a period of time to receive a response from Sherrodsville. If none is received, the center then dispatches Bowerston. “It’s the time factor involved we’re concerned with,” Reardon said. “If we are both toned at the same time, it would cut our response time significantly. If we’re not needed, then we’ll disregard.”

Reardon said the squad will respond to calls in Orange Twp., the village of Leesville and portions of Sherrodsville.

“We are a volunteer service. We have a paramedic service, paramedic equipped and ready to respond,” he noted.

Council graciously accepted the offer and  agreed to request the Carroll County Sheriff’s office dispatch both squads at the same time.

Council also learned there are four people in Leesville willing to take EMT training, which, when added to the list already compiled at Sherrodsville, brings the total to 10: a number sufficient to conduct a class in the village.

Councilman Ken Moffat said he was contacted by a Massillon paramedic who is willing to help in any way he can and a former village paramedic has come forward and offered to assist. Council agreed to contact schools where EMT training is conducted for possible days for classes and then get the interested persons together.

In other business, council:
-DID not act once again on by-laws presented previously  by Sherrodsville Community Fire and Rescue (fire dept.). Mike Yost, fire department president, asked council to take action Monday .

However, council members said they were told at the last meeting revisions were being made to the by-laws and a new set was to be submitted.

-ANNOUNCED $120 was collected for the community Share-A-Christmas program at the November fish fry sponsored by the fire department. The donation jar will be set out at the Dec. 5 fish fry.

-HELD an 11-minute executive session to discuss pending litigation and then authorized Solicitor Ken Welch to contact the plaintiff’s attorney for a possible settlement in the case.

-AUTHORIZED Fiscal Officer Valerie Worrell to look into obtaining a credit card for village use.

-ACCEPTED the bid of Dan Buckey Lawncare and Landscaping for snow removal in the village. Buckey’s bid was for $100 per hour for the first two hours of plowing and $50 per hour for each additional hour, with a maximum of $500 for any 24-hour period. The village is to supply salt. Buckey asked the village to use its own truck as much as possible, noting his fleet of three trucks are not equipped to spread ashes. Council will use Buckey’s service on an as-needed basis.

-ACCEPTED and agreed to disburse three donations from the Lions Club including $500 to Hands Across Sherrodsville, $500 to the Salvation Army and $300 to Conotton Valley Share-A-Christmas.

-GRANTED permission to the Church of the Living Hope to place a sign at the intersection of SR 212 and Hazelton St., upon approval of the size of the sign by Mayor Huffman.

-AGREED to proceed with plans to contact the Carroll County Health Department to have a house on Hazelton condemned and then demolished.

-EXPRESSED appreciation to the fire department for assistance with Trick-of-Treat.  

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Bowerston offers assistance Sherrodsville squad
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