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Scarecrows liven up Public Square

By Carol McIntire

Scarecrows on the Square
Rex Energy’s scarecrow features a barrel of “Carroll County oil.”

If you want to find Carroll County oil, drive around Public Square in Carrollton. You’ll find a “barrel full”, courtesy of Rex Energy.

You’ll also find a larger than life tooth with corn stalks protruding from the top, a Carrollton “business woman” complete with brief case and burlap head and a variety of other cute, strange and scary looking figures.

They are all part of the community “Scarecrows on the Square” event, which is becoming increasingly popular.

According to organizers, there were 35 businesses, organizations, school classrooms and families who participated. “It is a great turnout and we had a great day to build them,” said Amy Rutledge from the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Participants gathered on Public Square Sept. 29 and built their “crows” using straw and a kaleidoscope of items pulled from bags, boxes, car trunks and the beds of pickup trucks.

Rex Energy’s scarecrow was attracting a lot of interest from other builders.

A small scale oil derrick outfitted with a barrel and pump provided a “dripping water stream” into a barrel labeled “Carroll County oil.” And, of course, an oilfield clad scarecrow kept watch over the operation.

Gail Risaliti and Kylee Kummerlen stuffed a pair of bib overalls to make a scarecrow for their family. “We’ve done one every year since it started,” Risaliti said. “We enjoy it.”

Renee Leslie, advisor for the National Honor Society at Carrollton High School, was assisted by her children in setting up their scarecrow, which stands behind a podium wearing a graduation cap and gown.

Members of the Cub Scout group from Boy Scout Troop 141 created their first scarecrow for the event. Austin and Lacey Jehle created a scary-faced crow they sat in a chair.

Amber Harpster and Deanna Carlisle twisted beads and a headless body as they created a scarecrow for Girl Scout Troop 331 of Dellroy.

The “crew” from Dr. Stephen Dowell’s office spent several hours creating a “tooth” scarecrow. Rammie Frase said she started building the scarecrow using chicken wire in her yard, but because of the rain last week, she had to move it inside and had to hurry to get it ready for Saturday. Along with fellow employees, her husband, Dennis, provided technical support and the truck to haul the larger than life “tooth crow.”

A little after noon when the construction phase was completed, judges walked around Public Square to select the winners.

Here’s their selections:
Business category:
1. Golden Age Retreat
2. Dr. Stephen Dowell’s dental office
3. Rex Energy

1. Family Disability Services
2. Carroll County District Library
3. Girl Scout Troop #331 of Dellroy

1. National Honor Society
2. Mrs. Holly Dodds
3. Mrs. Carrie Barker

1. Carol Lutton Family
2. Kummerlen Family.
The scarecrows will remain on display through Oct. 22.

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