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Just when county officials think interest rates couldn’t get any lower.....they did

By Carol McIntire

Just when county officials were convinced interest rates couldn’t fall any lower, they did.

Carroll County Treasurer Jeff Yeager presented the first quarter interest income report to county commissioners last week admitting, “it’s not a lot.”

Yeager’s report showed over $20.5 million on deposit earned just $2,503.14 in the first quarter of 2013. “It’s bottomed out,” he said, noting the last certificate of deposit (CD) he opened at Consumer’s National Bank is paying .2 percent interest. The county has two other CDs at Consumers that are paying .45 and .35 percent interest.

“You’ll notice I’m keeping a good bit of money in the saving account because it’s paying more interest right now,” he said.

Yeager said the county is anticipated to receive about $18,000 in interest this year, down from about $38,000 last year.
“We have three CDs coming due at the end of the year that are expected to generate about $12,000 of that amount because the interest on them isn’t paid until they come due.”

In an unrelated matter, commissioners discussed money with officials from the Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) and Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board during the Title II public hearing.

Deb Meister, fiscal agent for DJFS, said the agency received two different types of Title II money which combined total about $367,694 for a two-year cycle that includes 2013 and 2014.

Sheri Miller from DJFS explained how the money is divided and the various services it provides to county residents, such as adoption services, counseling, family planning, foster care, education and training, pregnancy/parenting services for young parents, protective services for adults, residential treatment services and transportation. She noted funding for legal services for clients was discontinued and the money moved to education and training (GED program).

Michelle Sayer from the ADAMHS board, noted that agency has an allocation of $37,860 for Carroll County for the two-year period of July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015.

The money will be spent on case management, counseling and “other” services for clients. It is estimated that 97 clients will receive services.

Commissioners approved the Title II Profile in December 2012; however a public hearing is required to allow for comments to be made on the plan.
Ed Eick, maintenance supervisor, presented commissioners with a maintenance contract from Damon Industries, Inc. for the boiler system.  The first quote is for $1,615 for basic maintenance for a one-year contract which includes the first year’s product, seven monthly onsite service calls and test reports during the heating season (October-April), plus instruction and training for Eick. 

The second quote is for $3,080 for optional equipment to automate blow down and would include all parts and pieces and ownership.  The blow down system is less labor intensive and would feed chemicals into the boiler automatically as needed.  After discussion, both quotes were accepted.

Eick told the board he has several local contractors willing to submit quotes for work on tuck pointing on the Prosecutor’s office.  The building also has a major crack and holes needing attention.  Eick suggested having concrete walls poured to avoid breakage like the brick.  Whether the job requires bids or quotes will be determined once estimates are gathered.

The landscaping on the embankment by the employee parking lot was also discussed.  Eick is looking into inexpensive maintenance-free landscaping due to safety issues when cutting the grass on the steep grade and the possibility of rocks being thrown and possibly damaging a vehicle.

In other business, commissioners:
-MET in executive session with Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burns and Regional Planning Director Aaron Dodds for about 35 minutes to discuss pending litigation.

-PROCLAIMED April Fair Housing Month in Carroll County.

-APPROVED road use maintenance agreements with Chesapeake Energy to use a portion of Perron Rd. for access to the Cooper well site in Lee Twp. and portion of Bane and Marble roads in East Twp. for access to the Oyer well site.

-APPROVED four right of ways.

-AGREED to increase the Recorder’s Special Fund fee to $5.50 per page. Previously, the fee was set at $4 per documents. The funds generated by the fee can be used only for equipment and supplies.

-HEARD Commissioner Robert “Bob” Wirkner state in regards to the dog pound, the commissioners are not trying to force Sheriff’s Department personnel to use the dog pound. “We are trying to make a asset available to them. It is up to them if they want to take advantage of it.”

-LEARNED the county garage is getting Eick a piece of guardrail for the area from the wall to the alley at the Department of Job and Family Services building.  Eick will provide the labor for installation.

-HEARD the dog pound report of:  15 impounded, 10 adopted, one redeemed, zero euthanized, zero citations for no license and two citations for animals running at large.

-APPROVED a Ruma agreement for .2 miles of Industrial Dr. for the purpose of ingress to and egress from the Carrollton Village Well site for traffic necessary for the purpose of constructing sites and drilling horizontal oil and gas wells and completion operations.

-ACCEPTED bids for concrete, asphalt materials & road oil, road material, and petroleum diesel fuel.

-HIRED Tammy Dowdell as deputy director of EMA/LEPC beginning April 15.  Dowdell will work 35 hours per week with a rate of pay of $12 per hour.

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