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E. Main St. residents say increased truck traffic is destroying their property

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

Carrollton Council began 2014 with a full agenda Monday evening.
Mayor Frank Leghart administered the oath of office to Andy Gonda, Wilma Lambert, Dan Locke, and Tom Parker. Mary Ann Miller was chosen as president pro tempore by unanimous vote.

Don and Lydia Lucas, who reside at 351 E. Main St. told council they are having sanitary sewer issues at their residence. The couple has resided in the home for 31 years and hasn’t had any issues until the last 18 months during which the sewer has backed up four times. Their home is the last house on the left side of E. Main St. across from the gas house on “Town Hill.”

 During the last 18 months, the retaining wall has been struck by vehicles and is virtually gone. Three of five steps leading from E. Main St. into their yard have also been damaged and no longer remain.

Leghart met with the couple and explained to council that their yard is being damaged and there is a crack in the road along the edge that may be adding to the problem. The village water department showed Lucas where the lines run which go under the road near the area which is cracked. He had an electric snake run through his portion of the line and it was clear. Leghart said he will contact the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for suggestions on how to proceed.

In an unrelated matter, Carrollton may have an option to purchase a used 75-foot ladder truck from Salem Fire Department, Leghart reported. Village and fire department officials visited Salem Fire to view the 1990 Sutphen truck. The truck is in very good condition with just over 28,000 miles and 475 hours on the pump. It is certified and still in service. Salem firemen gave a demonstration of the aluminum and stainless truck.

A generator plumbed into the truck, ladders, and hoses would be included with the truck. Village Solicitor Clark Battista told council the village can buy directly from another municipality but he is not certain of Salem’s regulation.

Leghart will contact the mayor of Salem regarding a direct sale and price negotiations. Salem is in the process of buying a bigger ladder truck needed for their coverage area. The 75-foot truck would suffice for structures within the village coverage area.

In an unrelated matter, council approved an emergency ordinance authorizing necessary actions to place the issue of a governmental electricity aggregation program with the opt-out provisions on the May 6 Primary Election ballot.

In other business, council:
-LEARNED Roy Ford began his duties as the new working sewer supervisor Jan. 7. He will attend the next council meeting.

-APPROVED an emergency ordinance to enter into a contract with Engineering Associates for fieldwork and design of the Lincoln Ave. sanitary sewer line replacement project. This phase is not to exceed $12,000. The replacement line will be from 8th - 10th Streets and will be a line servicing the Microtel.

-DISCUSSED changing vacation weeks in the policy and procedure manual. The new draft lists six weeks vacation for employees with over 21 years of service. However, Miller made a motion to change the amount to five weeks which has been the status quo. Leghart thinks the extra week will be an incentive to retain employees. However, due to other possible changes needing reviewed, she rescinded the motion.

-HEARD a report from the finance committee telling them ODOT has a transportation alternative program with $400,000 available for sidewalks. There is a 20 percent match with the program.

-REMINDED residents the sewer rate increase will begin appearing on February bills.

-REORGANIZED and approved the rules of council. The only addition from last year is regarding council members being prohibited from commenting when attending meetings of committees of which he or she is not a member. This will insure compliance with Ohio Sunshine Laws.

-ACCEPTED the resignations of Robert McEntire from the village fire department and Jacob Glasure from the police department, due to both relocating out of the county

-LEARNED Patrolmen Jason McMillen and Christopher Edwards have completed the one-year probation period.

-HEARD an update on the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with Washington Twp. Representatives from the village and the township met for a lengthy discussion and came to a tentative agreement of the split of future revenue. The township will receive 65 percent and the village 35 percent for the first 10 years. Percentages would then change to 60/40 for the remainder of the agreement.

-HEARD the first reading of an ordinance establishing the salary for the village mayor at $12,000 per year effective Jan. 1, 2016. The $4,500 increase is required to remain compliant with changes in Public Employee Retirement System (PERS).

-ACCEPTED committee assignments as follows: Finance/Legislative/Audit - Locke, chairman, Miller and Parker; Personnel/Safety - Chris Barto, chairman, Lambert and Miller; and Public Works - Gonda, chairman, Barto and Parker.

-PAID bills totaling $62,222.35 for vendors and $32,009.18 for payroll.

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