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There will be music in the air this summer at the Carroll County Fairgrounds.

Fair Board members agreed at their December meeting to host a concert June 1 and are looking into the possibility of bringing back the Ribs Burnoff in conjunction with the event.

Fair Secretary Tammy Sanderson said the board faxed the first contract proposal for the country band they are interested in hiring, but was reluctant to name the group until a contract was signed. “As soon as we get final approval, we will announce the name,” she said.

Sanderson said the idea of having a big name entertainer came from the public. “People told us they wanted an entertainer at the fair,” she said. “We don’t have the parking space available during the fair to bring in a big name entertainer so we decided to give the public a concert, but not during the fair.”

A ribs burn-off was previously held the first weekend of June at the fairgrounds, and board members agreed it would be a perfect fit. The board is working on gathering information on the ribs burn-off and trying to locate a person to take charge of it. Anyone interested in participating in a ribs burn-off should contact Wes Frew at 234-521-3909. 

The event will be called Country Energy Fest of Carroll County and is expected to cost the board in the range of $50,000. Once a band has been named, seating and ticket prices will be announced.

The board discussed the possibility of having a couple local bands provide musical entertainment during the afternoon hours. A decision was tabled until the February meeting.

In other business the board:
-MET with Brian and Mia Shuman of Mangled Metal Productions to discuss the condition of the race track after he conducts demolition derbies in the spring and fall in front of the grandstand.

It was agreed Shuman can continue to conduct the spring and fall events as well as manage the county fair demo derby. After the spring derby, the track will be dug out and cleaned of all debris to accommodate harness racing and tractor pulls held during the fair. After each derby event, Shuman is to clean the track of all debris possible without digging it up.

Shuman will conduct the spring demo derby on May 18.
-APPROVED a request by the Carroll County Daffodil Dairy Sale Committee to conduct the Daffodil Dairy Sale March 26.

-AGREED to join the Ohio Fair Managers Association at a cost of $200.

-APPROVED a contract with Full Pull Productions to put on tractor pulls Friday and Saturday evening of the 2013 county fair.

-DISCUSSED moving the Antique Tractor Pull from Thursday morning to either Monday or Wednesday night during the fair. A decision was tabled until after members attend the Ohio Fair Managers convention the first week in January to see what entertainment is available this year.

-SET the next meeting for Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the fair board office at the fairgrounds. 

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