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Carroll Lanes ‘lady’ wins state seniors bowling title

By Carol McIntire

Kathy Wingerter
STATE CHAMPION. Kathy Wingerter (left) an Ohio USBC WBA director, presents an etched vase to Sandy Johnson for winning the senior state bowling title.

The Monday Night Ladies Bowling League at Carroll Lanes wasn’t a “normal” night of bowling Dec. 3.

It included a celebration and awards presentation for one of its members – Sandy Johnson – who was recognized and cheered for winning a state bowling title.

Kathy Wingerter of New Philadelphia, an Ohio USBC (United States Bowling Congress) WBA (Women’s Bowling Association) director, was on hand to present Johnson with an etched glass vase for winning the state title at the 32nd annual Ohio USBC Senior Tournament.

The tournament was held recently at Tiki Lanes in Lancaster and included five divisions, based on the age of participants. Johnson competed with 100 other bowlers in Division 3 (503 participants in the tournament) and came away with the top score.

She bowled a six-game series with a total score of 1,454 and a high game score of 245. Her score beat the second place finisher by 27 pins.

Along with the vase, Johnson earned her choice of a paid entry into the 2013 USBC National Senior’s Invitational Tournament at Reno, NV, or the 2013 Ohio USBC WBA tournament, which will again be held in Lancaster in 2013.

Johnson says she is a longtime bowler and has been with the Monday Night Ladies “bunch” for about four years.

“These ladies are great,” she said after accepting the award from Wingerter. “We have a lot of fun. They are like family.”

She noted she has competed at the state senior event previously, but has never won.

“It’s really exciting and a great honor,” she said.

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Carroll Lanes ‘lady’ wins state seniors bowling title

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