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Company finds Carroll County ‘the ideal location’ to build natural gas electric generating facility

By Carol McIntire

Carroll County EnergyOne of two companies with options to purchase land north of Carrollton and plans to construct natural gas electric generating facilities made its intentions public Monday.

Jonathan W. Winslow, director of development for Advanced Power Services, revealed plans to develop a state–of-the-art electric generating facility to be known as Carroll County Energy LLC on 77 acres north of the village on SR 9. The land is currently part of the Jenkins Farm and is located adjacent to the Carroll County Commerce Park on the east side of the highway. The actual facility will occupy about 14 acres of the land.

Advanced Power Services is located in Boston, MA. It’s parent company, Advanced Power AG, develops and invests in power generation and related infrastructure projects in North America and Europe. The company is involved in projects in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Hungary as well as the United States. Along with the Boston facility, offices are located in London and the Slovak Republic.

Winslow said the selection of Carroll County as a site has nothing to do with gas and oil development in the county, but rather its proximity to needed services.

“The site is ideal,” said Winslow. “A 36-inch gas transmission line is located nearby (from which the company can purchase natural gas) and electricity transmission lines (needed to enter the electricity in the grid) cross the property, which makes it a wonderful site. When we are selecting a site, we look for an area that requires minimal upgrades: which is what we have in Carroll County.”

The company’s other large need is water; about 200,000 gallons per day to operate the air-cooled system. Winslow visited Carrollton Council Monday to open a dialogue with council to possibly provide water to the site.

Winslow said the company will utilize state-of-the-art General Electric natural gas and steam turbine technology in a configuration referred to as “combined-cycle.”

The configuration captures waste heat and generates additional electricity.

The facility meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards and will produce 50 percent of the carbon dioxide and less than 10 percent of the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide of a conventional coal-fired power plant that would general the same amount of electricity.

When operational, Winslow said the 700-megawatt facility can supply enough electricity for 700,000 homes.

“With Ohio’s electricity needs continuing to grow and some 5,800 gigawatts of conventional power from coal-fired power plants scheduled for retirement by the end of 2015, we see Carroll County Energy filling the need with clean American Natural Gas,” Winslow explained. “This facility can aptly be described as efficient generation from a small footprint.”

Advanced Power Services officials are in the process of completing environmental studies and plan to apply for necessary permits in the near future.
“We are about ready to present to the Ohio Power Siting Board, which is the agency that grants permits to operate the facility.” Winslow said. The process can take anywhere from six months to a year to complete.

During construction of the $800 million project (over a 2-3 year period) about 500 jobs will be created. When operational, the facility will employ 25-30 full time employees in well-paying engineering, technical, operation, management and administrative positions.

Winslow said the construction phase will provide a boost to the local economy from the purchase of goods and services.

The company plans to open an office in Carrollton soon and conduct open houses for people to learn more about the project and the company. Information will also be available on the Internet at www.carrollcountyenergy.com.

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Company finds Carroll County ‘the ideal location’ to build natural gas electric generating facility

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