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Plans unveiled for new motel

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
FPS Reporter

Carrollton Council meeting
James Bertram (far left), regional director of Corporex, addressed Carrollton officials during Monday’s village council meeting. Bertram presented plans for a four-story, 100-room Candlewood Suites hotel his company plans to build on Canton Rd. at the north edge of the village.

Carrollton Council heard plans for a new motel and development on the north end of the village, but couldn’t do anything to move the project forward due to a lack of council members present. 

Jim Bertram, regional director of Corporex Energy Solutions LLC, presented council with plans for a 100-room, four-story Candlewood Suites Hotel on a 26.916-acre tract north of Discount Drug Mart on SR 43.  Bertram told council they want to break ground in August and be under roof before November snowfall. 

Corporex was founded by The William P. Butler Construction Company in 1965 and has developed over 18 million square feet of Class A office and industrial space.  Bertram said the company owns 21 hotels and manages 60.  The home office is located in Covington, KY. 

“We are aggressive builders but build good quality,” said Bertram.  “We are a very community friendly company and plan to bring retail, commercial and multi-family single homes to the area.”

Bertram explained the hotel drive will be north of the current underground pipelines and they are working with Tennessee Gas to not encroach on their easements.  

An ordinance approving the subdivision of the tract currently owned by Mary Lou McClelland was scheduled to be presented to council as an emergency but could not be addressed due to lack of council members in attendance.  The ordinance would have divided the property into a 2.990-acre tract and the remaining 23.926-acres.  The Planning Commission met and recommended allowing the subdivision.

The six-member council has a vacant seat due to the resignation of Luke Grimes. The remaining members could have voted on the ordinance but Councilman Chris Barto noted at the June 3 meeting he would be on vacation and would not be at the June 24 meeting. Councilwoman Wilma Lambert was out of town due to reasons beyond her control and was not able to attend.

According to Ohio Revised Code, when a village council has a majority of its current members present they can have a meeting, but they cannot pass ordinances or resolutions.

Corporex has an office on 2nd St. S.W. where Bertram is working. They are in the process of purchasing the 26 plus acre tract. 

 “We are very proud of what we do,” stated Bertram.  “We pride ourselves on bringing good things to communities.”

In an unrelated matter, council heard a report from the finance committee meeting held June 17. Mary Ann Miller, committee chairperson, said discussion included the possibility of changing council member’s salaries.  If they decide it would have to be done five days before the August filing deadline.

Per diem travel is currently $30 daily excluding tips.  The committee felt with raising costs per diem should be increased to $50 daily including tips but excluding alcohol.

 The main discussion revolved around increasing sewer rates. Miller told council she would like to see something done because the village is in need of funds for the wastewater treatment plant.   The cost to run the plant is far exceeding the cost of the previous plant and not enough money has been allocated to cover bills. 

Mike Leslie, water and street superintendent, gave his monthly report telling council there are still problems with the wastewater treatment plant.  Leslie said engineers say it takes one-to-two years to get the bugs worked out of a new system.  A major issue involves power issues when the generator is used and the contractor is working with Leslie to fix the problem.  However, contractors will not return calls and are not working with the village on plumbing and electrical issues.  XXX Bonds may be called upon to get the companies involved.

The committee recommends a $4.50 per month hike in sewer bills.  The increase could be established by $1.50 raise per month quarterly or every three months until the rate is met.

Miller said she knew no action could be taken tonight but wanted to get the information out there because this is an action that council cannot afford to put off.

Regarding payment of bills, a $350 charge from Koehlinger Engineering was questioned.  Mayor Frank Leghart explained the charge is for services rendered for an official opinion on the status of a garage located 244 2nd St. S.W.  Koehlinger Engineering found the garage in deplorable condition that cannot be salvaged.  The foundation has a crack that would need repaired before the garage could be rebuilt.  The firm’s recommendation is for the garage to be raised and hauled away.  It was announced at the May 13 meeting that the owner notified the village he planned to have the garage torn down by the end of May.  As of this meeting, it was still standing and a hazard. 

The owner will have 30 days from receipt of a notification letter to commence action or the village will have the garage torn down and removed. The owner will then be billed for the costs and that cost can include the $350 charge from Koehlinger Engineering.  If the village is forced to remove the garage and the owner does not pay the bill, a lien would be placed on the owner’s property tax bill.

In other business, council:
-HEARD monthly supervisor reports.

-LEARNED ground breaking for the water treatment plant may be held in July.

-SCHEDULED a Public Works Committee meeting for July 8 at 6 p.m.

-HEARD Leghart, Village Solicitor Clark Battista and Village Administrator Denny Roudebush met with an annexation attorney regarding the possible annexation of property into the village.  The property is located on the north end of the village near the Napa Warehouse Distribution center.

-LEARNED several flags are missing from downtown light poles.  Roudebush explained truck traffic is causing damage to the flags and making it impossible to keep the flags on the poles because they are being broken.
-REMINDED the public the budget hearing is July 8 at 6:45 p.m. in council chambers.

-PAID bills totaling $269,937.82 for vendors and $42,537.35 for payroll.

-SCHEDULED the next meeting for July 8 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

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